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   Vol. 17 No. 41
Monday July 9, 2018

Wings & Wheels & Trump Tariff

Issa BaluchWings & Wheels & Trump Tariff
     “In some respect, United States President Donald Trump has my admiration to pursue a fair tariff deal.
     “The implementation, however, is debatable! However, all said and done, I do not see trade coming to a halt.
     “I see volumes flowing despite the nuances and exchange of fury over the issues!
     “Our lives depend on trade and this talk of tariffs will not change much; there could be a temporary slowdown, but business as usual will return in a short time.
     “No one can afford to close down their doors and windows on trade!
     “So tails keep swimming, wings keep in flight, wheels keep racing!”
Issa Baluch
2017/20 Member of the Dean's Council, Harvard Kennedy School

Rick EliesonInventive Enough To Solve Any Problem
     “While I can’t predict how tariffs will impact our industry, the one thing of which I am certain is that we are a creative and adaptive bunch.
     “This industry works hard to solve whatever problems are thrown its way.
     “For American’s part, we are listening to our customers and will do our very best to meet their needs; however, they may change or materialize.”

Rick Elieson
American Airlines Cargo

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