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   Vol. 17 No. 38
Monday June 25, 2018

Serenade For Jessica

   Sometimes things that happen in life flash by very quickly. Later, when you think about it, the time stamp has dropped out, the encounter fogs over in memory, and you wonder if it was perhaps just a dream.
   I recall in 2003 attending a movie premiere of a film featuring my son Geoffrey II, titled “It Runs In The Family”. Starring Kirk and Michael Douglas, Bernadette Peters, and some others, the film was based on the lives of the famous Douglas Hollywood family.
   At the after party, I met Michael and held his attention for maybe 30 seconds; said hello to the famous dad, Kirk Douglas, a movie icon who was smiling and gracious; but really I wanted to say hi to Elvis Costello, the musician. He was in attendance and sat under his signature pork pie hat at a table off to one side of the event.
   All of this took place 15 years ago in a breezeway alley restaurant between two Manhattan skyscrapers, or maybe it didn’t.
   One of the reasons I wanted to talk to Elvis (who I interviewed once in Manhattan at Max’s Kansas City after his first album came out in 1977) was to congratulate him for his bravura performance with Burt Bacharach on the tune “Toledo.”
   The song weaves in and out my mind these days—one, because I was born in Toledo, Ohio, and two, because of the superb words and music of Bacharach and the artistic delivery of Elvis Costello.
   Last Thursday, we hit the Summer Solstice in New York City. So here, alongside a wonderful profile of some great people in our industry today is music to share as a “Serenade For Jessica” during the summer of 2018, and the hope for your joy and happy memories all around.

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