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   Vol. 15  No. 61
Wednesday August 10, 2016

Surcharges And Rates In August

Surcharges & Rates In August

Surcharge Summer . . . As the airlines raise not only rates but also certain surcharges, blowback has been predictable.
   FT spoke to a shipper in Germany last week whose DG consignment had been rejected at 175 Euro per CAO-DGR plus 5 Euros per package.
   By comparison, the so-called “DLH Standard in Germany,” which has been the benchmark most shippers follow, is 120 Euro for CAO and 3 Euro per package.
   CV has introduced a security fee of 0.08 Euro across its network.
   This appears to be a smart move versus CX, which will introduce a new fuel surcharge adjustment effective September. CX has a tough-sell pegging surcharge to fuel during a time when it is common knowledge that kero costs are at rock-bottom levels.
   Due to many diverse drivers—not the least of which is burgeoning available capacity—current rates see shippers and forwarders making money but airlines left holding the bag, searching for hefty enough profits to deliver a market-appropriate ROI on their expensive cargo operations.
   IATA raises this issue, and has it right.

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