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   Vol. 18 No. 55
Tuesday September 3, 2019

FIATA Fit For New World Order
FIATA New World Order

  Ex-DSV executive Steve Walker called on FIATA to “become a safe haven for forwarders to discuss a wider new industry strategy,” in the face of vertical consolidation by shipping lines, and the attempt to control data via platforms such as TradeLens, a join partnership between IBM and Maersk.
  Mr. Walker questioned if FIATA is “still fit for purpose,” citing that if one was to mention FIATA to any young forwarder, they probably think they are an events company for old forwarders.”
  “FIATA is fit for purpose in terms of deliverables for all its members. But there is clearly a new world order coming up, an IT revolution,” FIATA Acting Director General Steve Morris told FlyingTypers.

Getting Down To Business

  “The challenges [for forwarders] in terms of what Maersk is doing,” Mr. Morris declared, “can’t be underestimated, it is vertically integrating, as it realized it couldn’t do much only as a shipping line.
  “In many places, companies such as Uber are getting rid of the middle man, which in the supply chain is the forwarder.
  “But forwarders have been part of the process for a long time.
  Do forwarders need to see this as a challenge?
  Yes indeed!
  Is FIATA aware?
  “Yes, we are,” Steve said emphatically.
  “If you control the data,” Steve Morris said, “you control your destiny.
  “Give away the data, you give away the destiny.”

Ahead of the Curve

  “FIATA had already been ahead of this development back in 2017 at the FIATA World Congress in Kuala Lumpur, when Working Sea Chairman Jens Roemer argued that FIATA and forwarders should make better use of supply chain data or risk losing out to shipping lines and IT-driven logistics start-ups,” Steve Morris said.

Time After Time For 5,000

  “FIATA, an international body works to gain consensus through a truly democratic process from FIATA’s 106 National forwarding Associations and approximately 5,000 individual members.

How FIATA Works

  “FIATA is comprised of national associations that have their individual interests, however they are keenly aware and invested in being leaders and not taking a passive position,” Mr. Morris explained.

Keep The Change

  “Everything points to forwarders being under huge pressure from the outside.
  “Therefore, FIATA is doing everything to equip members and the forwarding community with tools, training, platforms, expertise and much more to ensure a healthy and competitive industry that continues to promote trade and provide economic prosperity,” Steve Morris said.

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