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   Vol. 13 No. 88  
Tuesday October 21, 2014

Get It On American

Get It On American

Joe ReedyYesterday was truly an historic day for American Airlines Cargo.
Our teams have worked long hours to ensure a smooth transition without impacting our ongoing business.
     I’ve never been more proud of our entire organization. We are ready to operate as one entity.

Impacts Business

     By combining our companies, we will have an extended global reach.
     Our customers have been telling me they look forward to a bigger network and a more robust product offering, including cool chain solutions.
     A key objective has been to manage through the complexities of integration while still running the day-to-day business.
     I’m pleased to say that we have actually grown our business and improved our service offerings throughout 2014.


     We’ve been at this for a year and we are looking forward to seeing it become a reality. I’m happy to report that our customers are equally excited.

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