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   Vol. 18 No. 67
Friday October 25, 2019
Robert L. Crandall: Up Close & Personal

Robert Crandall Up Close
Robert Crandall More Photos
Corporate public relations boilerplate photographs are fairly common stuff, and no doubt during his 25-year career at American Airlines, volumes were created. However, something unexpected emerges here. Notice the unqualified joy on the face of Bob Crandall at various corporate and American Airlines-inspired functions. Whether he was busy creating one of the truly great airlines of the world, performing community service, or having a good time, Bob showed up to party.

Robert Crandall Over The Years
Clockwise—Bob Crandall pictured with his mom in 1936. By 1945, Mr. Crandall had already mastered relaxing in casual business attire. He would later take delivery of one of the largest, most advanced air fleets in the world, but Christmas 1941 is when Bob got his first set of wheels. In high school he seemed to be saying, “you want to get there, you gotta go through me.” Mom, Grandma, and Dad celebrated in the warmth of the sun, as Bob Crandall graduated from University of Rhode Island in 1957. When Bob married Jan in July 1957, everybody ate cake.

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