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   Vol. 19 No. 66
Wednesday October 7, 2020
Mike White Stepping Down as President CNS
Mike White CNS

  Cargo Network Services President Mike White is stepping down from that post at the end of 2020, having decided to retire from IATA CNS to pursue other interests.
  “Steady” Mike stepped up the CNS President post in 2018 (We Like Mike) and actually had advanced the momentum of his immediate predecessor with innovative annual CNS Partnership Conferences and other initiatives.
  Last week we wondered in our issue, if all this retirement news coming out of IATA, including Head of Cargo Glyn Hughes who also packs it in December 31st, would affect the very organization of CNS itself?
  It’s no secret that IATA has been yearning to fold the CNS Partnership event into World Cargo Symposium ever since CNS founder Tony Calabrese, who led CNS for fifteen years, retired in 2006.
  The thought is that the current CNS Board favors The Partnership Conference but looking ahead as change seems to be closing in from all sides in the global aviation business, the two top shepherds of organized IATA air cargo exiting stage left simultaneously is unprecedented, to say the least.
  Since 2004, the Presidency at CNS has been an executive turnstyle, starting with Jens Tuebbesing followed by Michael Vorwerk, Warren Jones, Lionel van der Walt and now Michael R. White.

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