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   Vol. 16 No. 94
Monday November 27, 2017

We Like Mike For CNS President

     “We like Mike.”
      Long-serving “Steady” Mike White, Vice President, Government & Industry Relations Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS), should be named next President of CNS.
      When IATA named Glyn Hughes head of cargo we thought, “good for air cargo.”
      Along with being an acknowledged nice guy and positive spirit with deep knowledge of the business and a passion for air cargo, Glyn has been outstanding in spearheading the IATA agenda. He has rallied the people behind the programs that will help the air cargo partnership and secure the future viability of our business.

Too Many CNS Presidents

      The CNS Presidency has become a revolving door of executives that seem to come and go almost willy-nilly.
      Now with the departure of Lionel Van Der Walt (the excellent if short-lived CNS President) comes an opportunity for IATA to name a new leader. The choice is imperative, as CNS is responsible for providing a solid industry foundation to advance the airline forwarder partnership.

Why Steady Mike Matters

      Nobody asked us, but Steady Mike White perfectly fits the bill at a tender time in history for CNS.
      A proven expert in every phase of the airline forwarder partnership, Mike has been the key player at CNS since 2008, fronting key issues affecting our industry from his base in Washington, D.C.

Trade Excellence

      Steady Mike is a recognized leader in the air cargo industry’s efforts for improving security, e-commerce transformation, trade facilitation, and on regulatory matters.
      He serves on the TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee working group on air cargo, the Canada Border Services Agency North American Single Window Approach Working Group, and the IATA Cargo Security Task Force.
      In 2015 the Secretaries of Treasury and DHS appointed Steady Mike to the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) representing the international air carriers.
      Mr. White currently helps lead U.S. industry efforts for development of standards for the Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS), the adoption of the electronic consignment security declaration, launch of the IATA e-commerce efforts in the United States, and head of cargo facilitation efforts on behalf of IATA in the U.S.
      Steady Mike also served as a senior representative for trade during the development of the U.S. air cargo known shipper program, the indirect air carrier program, and the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program after the events of TWA flight 800 and 9-11.

Frontier Air Cargo From The Ramp Up

      Mike White’s career has covered many areas of the airline and air cargo industry.
      He began at Frontier Airlines in Lincoln, Nebraska.
      In 1986 he joined United Airlines, where he held key management positions in passenger, cargo, and ramp operations across the US.
      In 1999 Mr. White was named Managing Director of Cargo for the Air Transport Association in Washington and helped lead industry efforts for many of the changes to customs and security post 9/11.

Legend Of The Midwest

      There is an ethereal quality to Mike White, born, I think in his upbringing in Lincoln, Nebraska.
      He certainly has the smarts, but he is also refreshingly easy to talk to; low key, with assured confidence.
      Steady Mike White seems practically unexcitable.

Right Place Right Time

      Right now the last thing CNS needs is one more short term President, and maybe that is the best reason for “Steady Mike” at the helm in 2018.
      CNS has had an embarrassing number of Presidents—four in the last ten years. 
      Founded by Anthony Calabrese more than a quarter century ago, CNS brings together the airlines and their forwarder partners in the U.S. and deserves better.
      Steady Mike is in the right place at the right time and will bring continuity to the fine agenda established by Lionel (with Mike) and the Board at CNS.
      Steady Mike will easily bring unparalleled expertise to a great legacy organization unlike any other in the world.
      “We like Mike.”

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