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   Vol. 17 No. 81
Friday November 30, 2018

CIFFA Pioneer Steps Down
Ruth Snowden Steps Down

     Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) Executive Director Ruth Snowden, who stepped up to the challenge a decade ago as a pioneering woman in transportation, revealed at TIACA Toronto that she will step down from full time employment at the association by mid-2019.
     “The Executive Committee of the board has already met and succession planning is well underway, a process where I am fully engaged,” Ruth declared
     “It was an item in Linkedin last January announcing my 10th anniversary at CIFFA that made me stop for a moment and look up,” said Snowden.
     “When I joined the association in 2008 I promised myself that it would be for only five years.
     “Imagine my surprise when I realized that ten years had flown by.
     “We delivered a fantastic CIFFA 70th Anniversary Conference alongside the 29th TIACA here in Toronto so I waited to make this announcement post conference(s) so as to not overshadow those events,” she continued.

CIFFA Strong

     “CIFFA 2018 features a strong management team at the association, all working on the same objectives, with the endorsement of a supportive board.
     “We now look to 2019.
     “The future for CIFFA and for me couldn’t look any better,” lovely Ruth smiled.

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