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Friday November 30, 2018

Will Pharma.Aero Fulfill Expectations?
chuckles for November 30, 2018

Will Pharma.Aero Fulfill Expectations
Frank Van Gelder     In a world where the new grows old rather quickly, the emergence of the Belgium-based Pharma.Aero as an umbrella organization for the hottest sector in the air cargo business has gained a flurry of attention.
     The Pharma.Aero flurry begins with an invitation from the organization’s website, as Secretary General Frank Van Gelder declares:
     “Everybody is welcome to come to join Pharma.Aero.
     “The more airports and airlines join globally, the better. It will reinforce the value of becoming a leading standard for the industry, and eventually representing reference articles and white papers, with the only goal to improve life science airfreight shipments.
     “We offer three different levels of membership, include a slate of virtual meetings, and intend to build Pharma.Aero based on content, not organization size.”
     Pretty refreshing, innovative stuff, we say.
     Undoubtedly others have drawn the same conclusion, as Pharma.Aero boasts thirty-seven members in less than two years of existence, including airports like five star Miami International and hometown gateway Brussels, plus DHL and some others.
     The rub, we note, after having met the smart and very well-spoken Frank Van Gelder at TIACA Toronto, is, in preparing this story, checking notes, and then taking a cursory look at the Pharma.Aero website.
     The web platform is bright and lively with lots of stories of the need and success of Pharma.Aero as an entity.
     Much is made of the string of industry events (including TIACA) that Pharma.Aero has attended, plus the MOU Pharma.Aero signed with IATA recently.
     But that is where it ends.
     We clicked the “Events” tab on the Pharma.Aero website on November 28, and the website looked dated.
     We clicked the Pharma.Aero “News” page and the aforementioned articles that run the gamut from outlook to self-congratulatory are easily accessed.
     Alarming to us as newshawks is the lack of new additions or posts to the Pharma.Aero website since late August or early September 2018.
     Did we miss something?
     For an industry that craves information, “nothing news” for more than 90 days on the website of an organization out to change things in a pharma cargo industry that demands a weathered eye raises at least one question:
     Where can we discover meetings and goings on in 2019 that will help us enhance understanding and expand Pharma offerings?
     Sure, there are other questions, but why not keep this simple and basic.
     Pharma.Aero as a self-advertised “virtual organization” could make it easier to achieve its stated lofty goals by opening up a steady, reliable, updated web stream daily, weekly, or even monthly.
     Pharma.Aero is a good idea.
     Their founding members are all first class operations and some very smart dedicated people.
But while out to do good, you should practice what you preach, Pharma.Aero, and keep hope alive by maintaining an updated information stream for the great unwashed.
     Just like shipping, success or failure is often met in large part by paying close attention to the details.
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