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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 20 No. 32
Monday August 16, 2021
The Butler Did It
Jim Butler

  Jim Butler, the youthful, energetic, just retired senior vice president airport operations and cargo from American Airlines in Dallas, barely misses a beat, having said goodbye and then hello in almost the same breath.
  Now as CFO for Gatwick Airport in the U.K., ‘Big Jim’ at 6'4" is a great catch for that gateway, as he is a brilliant strategic thinker, genuine good-guy and a very positive force.
  I know Jim from his years at AA Cargo where he once served as President.
  Jim is a third-generation member of a transportation-centric family.
  His grandfather was a top executive at Panagra in Latin America. I recall one of our early conversations, as we reminisced about those glory days of Panagra, an airline owned by Pan Am.
  Jim also revealed just where he was coming from, as he moved into top management at AA Cargo:
  An “interesting aspect” Jim said of the air transportation business is that the “ebbs and flows” of global economies suggest a vital requirement:
  “Be prepared to act on the next opportunity.”

On Being A Transportation Parent

Jim, Sharon, Alex and Reagan Butler  As a father of four, I especially appreciated what Jim said in 2015 about being an air transportation parent with his wife Sharon, as the couple raise two children, Alex and Reagan who are now twelve and eleven years old.
  “No one ever looked back at their life and said that they wished that they had worked more, but they certainly look back to say that they didn’t spend enough time with the family,” Jim declared.
  Good advice, well-spoken, never forgotten.
  Maintaining a healthy balance, whenever the possibility exists, never gets old.
  Good luck, Jim.

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