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   Vol. 20 No. 39
Monday October 11, 2021

PayCargo On Fire Worldwide

     IATA’s World Cargo Symposium (WCS), having made a quick pivot less than a month ago away from a scheduled WCS in Istanbul in favor of the Emerald Isle is taking place in Dublin this week.
     The IATA move was thought needed, when it appeared not many were going to show up at IST, appears to be a good one. For now several hundred people are expected to show up, mostly from Europe and the Middle East with some expected from the Americas, but very few from Asia.
     Of notable interest, here is Lionel van der Walt, Global Chief Commercial Officer and others of the PayCargo Team.
     PayCargo has been on fire building their exclusive better way to pay program worldwide including a recently completed mega-arrangement with giant FIATA, the world organization of freight forwarders that as you read this is busy offering an inspired new program with PayCargo branded Freight Pay.
     “We are here in Dublin ready, willing and able to take things farther for all industry stakeholders,” Lionel told FlyingTypers.
     Looks like that PayCargo ban from participating at IATA events was short-lived.
     In fact, back in the fold, Lionel is slated to moderate the “Challenges and Opportunities: Air Cargo Transformation” session scheduled to take place during the opening plenary on Tuesday October 12.
     Panelists include usual suspects Michael Steen, EVP & CCO – Atlas Air Worldwide and Peter Penseel, COO Airfreight at CEVA Logistics.
     What we like about Lionel van der Walt, aside from his great passion for our industry, is his brilliant mind and ability to figure things out that in the end seems to always benefit everyone. The van der Walt package also includes a thoughtful, quiet spoken, very decent and eminently approachable human being.
     Always public spirited and willing to pitch in to get things done, Lionel has continued to act local and think global from his years serving at IATA that included a short stint with very positive results as President of IATA CNS.
     So as air cargo week begins in Dublin, here Lionel talks straight from the shoulder and shares what’s on his mind October 11, 2021.
     “Air cargo, all of us included, needs to do a better job of promoting the importance of our industry as the engine driving local, national and global economic growth and sustainability.
     “The light is shing brightly on our industry right now and has generated significant investment and progress towards modernizing our outdated systems and procedures.
     “However, this attention will not last forever and I fear is already starting to fade as the passenger side of the business starts to come back to life.
     “It is therefore essential that we use this window of opportunity effectively to drive the much needed change to modernize systems and procedures.”

The PayCargo Revolution

     “Most people think of PayCargo in simple terms as an online payment platform, which is absolutely correct.
     “However, when I think about PayCargo, I think in terms of the role we play in facilitating trade, economic growth and sustainability by way of industry payments transformation.
     “By speeding up payments we speed up the flow of goods and trade, which also has a positive down the line impact on aspects such as truck dwell times, fuel usage and emissions.
     “By introducing new technologies to replace outdated manual paper-based processes, we are driving sustainability.
     “I firmly believe this social responsibility viewpoint is key to the industry's future, but is not always recognized and taken into consideration.
     “When companies choose to do business with us they know they are partnering with a team that is focused on contributing to the future success and sustainability of the broader value chain.
     “This is just as important as our objective to be recognized as the industry’s online payment platform of choice,” Lionel Van der Walt declared.

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