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   Vol. 21 No. 8
Monday February 14, 2022
Valentine From BenG
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     Our regular readers have been putting up with our penchant for musical playlists for years or for at least as long as YouTube & Spotify have been around.
     Recently I heard the Neil Young pulled his music off of Spotify because he doesn’t like a broadcaster named Joe Rogan who some say may be the most popular podcaster in the world.
     Of all the pop artists the most enduring to me and the greatest of all time as an individual, a trio, a quartet, a sextet or big band (and at one time or another he was the driver of the best of all those) is Benny Goodman, the immortal BenG.
     I remember one day in the lobby of the Marine Air Terminal (MAT) at LaGuardia I walked over to Joe Bell’s newsstand where Herb Borrelli the airport maintenance guru in 1983 was taking a break with a couple others involved in a pretty good card game. Standing square in front of the Fruit Loops & M&Ms was BenG talking to Joe waiting for his private jet to take him somewhere.
     I was speechless.
     We had music playing in the MAT lobby, but that day we were featuring “Music For Airports” by Brian Eno (one to not miss).
     What could I say, given another day it would have been BenG anything.
     BenG, Teddy Wilson and Gene Krupa changed music forever in 1937 playing in the Madhattan Room of the Hotel Pennsylvania across the street from Penn Station.
     There were still people in the 1970s at that hotel who remembered those performances that also went out across the nation on CBS Radio and were heard by millions.
     Now square in front of me was BenG himself and I simply could not speak.
That doesn’t happen often so for a few moments as he talked I thought about this great musician that brought more musical people to the fore and together, and later individually created the greatest pop music of the 20th century.
     BenG was just too cool. He was from another planet and we are damn lucky he happened to dropped in for a visit in our world.
     Sometimes you are better off speechless.
     But things being what they are in 2022, here are five favorites from BenG that (God Forbid) I hope never go missing.
     BenG Loves You
     Happy Valentines Day!

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