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   Vol. 21 No. 6
Tuesday February 1, 2022
Beth Was Confection Goodness Knows
Beth Mince

      Elizabeth (Beth) Mince, well known and popular icon of the international logistics industry died January 7 in Macon, Georgia.
      She was 56.
      Beth Mince began her career in 1984 at McGregor Sea and Air Services. She also worked at BAX Global, Atlanta Customs Brokers & International Freight Forwarders, Inc., Hellman, and SBS Worldwide, but she spent the majority of her career at A.N. Deringer, Inc. Beth served for the IFFCHBA, now AIFBA - Atlanta Intl Forwarders and Brokers Association in many capacities, including President from 2005-2010. During her term, she was instrumental in soliciting for the Port of Atlanta to be designated for Fish & Wildlife status, as well as helping to establish the Atlanta Perishables Center under APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) program.
      Beth was very well-respected and willing to share her knowledge with anyone who wanted to learn.
      Her smile and laughter immediately lit up a room.
      She was a friend and mentor to so many, kind to everyone.
      Beth’s proudest accomplishment was her family, especially her three children and grandchildren.
      Beth and Jim were married for 31 years.
      Here is the thing.
      In addition to talking to a lovely, smart, decent, wonderful lady, Beth had the sweetest southern drawl that in the lilt of the conversation could make a single syllable word three.
      She would start almost every conversation with “honey”, “sugar”, or “sweetie” and would end every call with her heartfelt “I Love You”.
      Well, Beth, we love you too.
      Here an outpouring of grief as the logistics Community in Atlanta remembers Beth Mince.
      Pam Brown (Future Forwarding Company): “Such a beautiful person. Kind to everyone she met!”
      Yvonne Turner (John S. James Co.): “She was such a sweet person.”
      Lenny Feldman (STR): “ Oh no! So heart breaking. Always so kind and welcoming during my visits to see you all.”
      Joe Godwin: “A beautiful soul gone too soon!”
      Catherine Wilkerson C (former CBP Specialist in ATL): "There’s a new angel today."
      Lisa Brogdon LCHB , CCS: “Heartbroken.. Beautiful lady inside and out! I love and miss you dear friend.”
      Loree Headlee: “Amazing woman with a kind and giving spirit.”
      Jan Fields (NCBFAA President): “Such a sweet soul.”
      Gena Lawwill (Alliance Customs Clearance): “Thankful to have met her. She will be missed."
      Theresa Beaulieu: “Loved by many and will be missed by more than she ever would have known.”
      Donna Mullins: “My best friend; greatest supporter; and as we always joked, “the other half of my broker brain.
      “Beth and I ‘grew up’ in the industry together and we grew our professional relationship in to the best friendship any two people could have. She chose me to be Godmother to her children. Inseparable in life, it took death to put a chasm between us, but one day we will be united again. Until that day, Beth know I love you and you will live in my heart forever, your BFF!”

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