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   Vol. 21 No. 13
Tuesday March 22, 2022

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Demonstrations at World Trade Center

Remember our exclusive story last August of how The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey cancelled cargo leases and turned over most of a thriving, working Newark Airport Cargo area to Amazon leaving several companies including SAS Scandinavian Airlines Cargo, Air Canada, Lufthansa Cargo and IAG holding the bag, whilst scrambling for handling space to service customers.
     The EWR cargo tenants had no other choice but to pack up and get out to local space where they could find it, or over to JFK International.
     EWR, as a cargo community, was gutted with service mostly left to JFK International which has maybe the worst-choked highway system going in and out of any major airport in the world.
    In our more than 47 years of publishing we cannot recall another example of an airport operator with such indifference toward the welfare of its airport tenants, its air cargo business and its local community as demonstrated by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
     Since last August there have been some citizens residents protests, but what with COVID, things getting organized have been muted.
     But now dozens of residents, community leaders and environmental activists gathered last Thursday at 4 World Trade Center to protest the plan at the first public hearing on the plan.
     Amazon will hurt minority communities, take away high-paying union jobs and increase air pollution and truck traffic in nearby neighborhoods was the message.
     Protestors say the Port Authority-driven vote to go ahead last summer was a shotgun deal, a last minute opus without proper public comment.
     About 75 demonstrators picketed and voiced opposition during the first in-person meeting since they went virtual.
     Speakers from community organizations in Newark and Elizabeth were in attendance voicing their concerns of how Amazon will destroy the quality of life in surrounding communities.
     The deal is supposed to add 1,000 jobs (wow!) to Newark Airport under a 20-year lease for a regional air cargo hub. Amazon adds $125 million to redevelop two 1990s vintage buildings (that airport tenants were kicked out of) into a 23 acre, 250,000-square-foot air cargo facility.
     Lufthansa Group Station Manager EWR Marc Suhr expressed the frustration of many, when he said:
     “Cargo is not the only affected operation with this Amazon deal.
     “Several other third-party providers are being heavily impacted in a negative way and the Port has no solution as of yet.”
     Meantime employees who worked for airlines and others at the existing facilities have asked the authority what happens to the union jobs they had?
     This weekend Baseball in America begn. Good to remember what the late Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra of Montclair, NJ once said:
     “It ain't over 'til it's over."
     Stay tuned.

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