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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 21 No. 11
Thursday March 10, 2022

Imma Continues Her Recovery

Imma van der Walt and Lionel van der  Walt
     “Our daughter Imma van der Walt experienced a rough few days with pressure and headaches.
     “She is still very tired,” father Lionel van der Walt reports, “and gets exhausted quickly when doing physical activity like walking.
     “The good news is that her balance is improving day by day, and her sight lost post-op in one eye after her brain operation to remove a life-threatening tumor, seems to be getting much better,” Lionel said.
     Lionel, former President of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) and CEO of PayCargo suspended his business life the end of January to care for Imma who so far has beaten the odds with spirit and determination after her life-altering, nine-hour encounter with doctors at Duke University Medical Center last month.
     “The doctors,” Lionel said, “told her that she should expect some pain and changes as the nerves and her body continue adjusting.
     “The doctors also noted that Imma should be patient, as it is just the start of the recovery process”.
     “There is no quit in my daughter,” Lionel said, “so I doubt that patience is on her agenda, although no one can doubt her resolve to come back.
     “She is an inspiration to all of us,” Lionel said softly.
     “Her body,” Lionel added, “is also adjusting to all the medications.
     “The steroids have been stopped and this we understand contributes to headaches.
     “Apparently - simply put, Imma is now experiencing withdrawal systems from the drugs.
     “But she is coming back, we are very blessed and she is making great progress thankfully.
     “Standing by my little family with deepest thanks to all our friends who have shown concern and have encouraged us,” Lionel van der Walt said.

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