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   Vol. 21 No. 12
Wednesday March 16, 2022

Paige Taking Care Of People

Elliott Paige

     Here is a Paige from the book of Atlanta.
     Ask Elliott Paige, Business Development Manager, and always fast moving on top of issues at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International, for his take in early Spring 2022 of sustainability and his answer is direct & immediate:
     “The three pillars that come to my mind are equity, economy, and environment. I believe they follow each other in that order. Sustainability means we are preserving our planet and resources such that we do not compromise what's available for future generations. If we approach how we treat people with equity, inclusion, and an understanding that we all have value to the world, that almost leads us to structure an economy that protects people and the environment. Our legacy today is what we leave after we are gone. To leave this world without promoting these three elements in everything we do is to sully that legacy in a way future generations cannot appreciate.”

FT:  Moving ahead emotional decisions in business versus process mining or is there room for both and if so in what measure?
EP:  Ultimately, leadership quality is measured by the principles one holds for how much one cares about people or just oneself. Sure, we are achieving some organizational goals, such as running a company. But, the core of every leader guides how they see the world. That core of principles comes from their emotions.      It's a conglomeration of their childhood, impact of parents or guardians, training and education, values, how their society and family perceive them and impact their life experiences, traumas, and good times. We cannot ignore emotional decisions. That does not mean we should ignore the process and task mining. Making decisions about processes, systems, money, non-human resources such as warehouses, gates, aircraft and equipment, weights of cargo, loans, etc., need to be objective to make the most 'profitable' decision. So, in conclusion, we need both, with two caveats. Process mining and task mining, once well integrated into an organization, can often be automated using Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robots, AI-enabled robots, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). I was taken aback one day listening to a podcast where the hosts concluded that AI is better at writing AI code than a human simply because code writing is somewhat of a repetitive process. Many jobs that can be easily processed mined will likely be candidates for process mining. The second caveat is that many political decisions are often objectively inefficient but better for expediency.

FT:  What do you want to improve in 2022?
EP:  I want to improve how we treat people. I always want to improve how we treat people. Technological changes are inevitable. Whether it's moving goods across the world, financing investments, marketing, whatever the sector, innovations in technology will move us forward. Those who resist will ultimately be left behind. However, we must consider that the people who work for us are also consumers. As leaders, we often forget we are in a circular economy. Showing care for your people goes further in making our society a better place while sustaining our profits and growth. It ties back to my response to question one. Serve people to have the tools and willpower to serve your market.

FT:  What if you kept things the same and didn't do anything?
EP:  You die! Any organism that does not move does not grow, innovate, evolve, adapt to the changing environment, climate, consumer preferences, demographics, growing family, whatever the change, will die! That goes for companies as well as people. As an organization is "alive," we are alive, so taking no action means you get taken over, destroyed, and conquered. Doing nothing should never be an option, even if strategizing and waiting for the right opportunity.

FT:  What did you want air cargo, airlines, forwarders, other cargo resources & even truckers to know about sustainability and moving ahead today?
EP:  Take care of the people first. As costs increase due to the global turmoil caused by the worldwide pandemic, inflation, and war, we must protect that element that keeps economies growing - people. We will eventually adjust to new prices if real disposable (inflation-adjusted) adjusts to protect livelihood. Ignoring that element of sustainability, that is, equity could lead to many failures. The logistics industry remains a hero in promoting trade. We must continue nourishing it with the right policies that encourage trade facilitation and open borders to promote business and consumer product and service diversity and care for the people. Remember, your employees are your best advocate for success. They vote, lobby governments, and have a referendum on your long-term future, so treat them right.”

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