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   Vol. 21 No. 31
Thursday August 11, 2022

Robert Arendal At 84

Robert Arendal

     Happy Birthday at 84 years young to air cargo pioneer, dreamer, and doer and a truly great human being in every respect, Robert Arendal.
     A major figure for the past half century Bob brought experience in the air cargo industry, occupying various shipping and air cargo management positions in Europe as well as the U.S. In 1970 when he became part of the management team that founded Cargolux Airlines International SA, spending 29 years as Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Cargo Services as well as Deputy CEO.
     Mr. Arendal is a founding father and first Chairman of The International Air Cargo Association TIACA. He is a past President and presently a member of TIACA's President Council and entered the legendary TIACA Hall of Fame in 1997.
     Bob is co-founder of the Cool Chain Association and has been its chairman for 10 years.
     More recently, Mr. Arendal became a founding member of the ‘Sustainable Biofuel Network,’ a group of stakeholders facilitating aviation’s transition from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable alternative biofuels.
     Bob did one outstanding thing all of us who love this business can point to that impacts our industry yet today.
     In 1992 the first Air Cargo Forum of TIACA was held in Luxembourg ushering in the modern era of air cargo events.
     To share a moment of the good that TIACA brings in today and how far TIACA has come as an air cargo organization just look at this spirited photo of The Women’s Caucus in 2018 at the last major air cargo ACF event before the COVID pandemic.
     As we look forward to getting back to normal this year in Miami November 8-10, Air cargo again says a heartfelt “Thank you, Bob Arendal and many more Happy Birthdays."

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