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   Vol. 21 No. 30
Wednesday August 3, 2022

Seems We Have Heard That Song Before

Newark building One and Geoffrey Arend

     We worked to save the classic Building One at Newark Airport that opened in 1934.
     That began in 1975, as we got the ball rolling with a big picture book titled, "Great Airports Newark" published and distributed worldwide in 1978.
     We worked at the airport in the cargo area and realized that despite being overlooked and misused, Building One, once the soaring epitome of airport architecture and art at Newark, 'The World’s Busiest Airport from 1934 until 1939,' in 1975 remained imposing, glorious and inspirational.
     When we first saw her, she was being used as a U.S. Postal Services Sorting Facility and a United Airlines flight kitchen.
     During his tenure in the 80's, Robert Aaronson, Aviation Director-The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey in a walk-through of the building immediately stopped any further destruction, allowing for the eventual restoration of the building.
     Unfortunately the USD$90 million dollar restoration of Building One completed almost a generation ago, is inaccurate and incomplete despite the building being spectacularly picked up and moved from the end of an active runway to near the cargo area.
     A lyrical sculpture of birds over water executed in metal above the passenger doorway to and from the airplanes has been lost as compared to the original created in 1934, pictured in photos from 1978 and today in 2022.
     The playful birds have no place to land.
     Who decided to replace a 1930s work of art with the playful birds minus their lyrical landing spots on the water?
     Like changing the smile on The Mona Lisa!
     Building One once housed pioneer abstract expressionist artist Arshile Gorky's uplifting ten panel masterpiece titled, “Aviation Under Aerodynamic Limitations” from the 1930s in a place of pride up the stairs and on the second floor.
     Eight of the ten panels were lost to thoughtless renovations under the aegis of The Port Authority.
     The remaining two panels were rescued in 1971, when Stephen Stempler of the Coordinated Design Department of The Port Authority on an inspection tour noticed some canvas threads poking through a screw hole on the staircase walls of Building One.
     Today those two Gorky panels are hanging in the Newark Museum.
     Why are the Gorky Murals not yet reproduced and installed in Building One?
     The Port Authority should right a wrong and return a reproduction of all ten panels to the interior of Building One where they belong.
     I was thinking about all of this the other day when we learned that Amazon thumbed its nose at a deal to take over most of the on-airport cargo operation at EWR after The Port Authority in 2021 had preemptively kicked out the tenants from most of the cargo terminal to do that deal.
     Seems that we have heard that song before.

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