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   Vol. 21 No. 36
Tuesday September 27, 2022

ATC Says Take A Load Off

Ingo Zimmer

     Ingo Zimmer, CEO of All-Star GSSA ATC is waiting to see you in London this week.
     Just like any top executive in air cargo today, he is fixing in his mind what will be said about the condition and power of his GSSA as it moves inexorably to the very top in every measurable estimation of quality and service.
     Today Zimmer’s ATC is at the top of its form in the very competitive business of representing the cargo fortunes of airlines in markets all over the world.
     “One sentence occurs to me all the time,” Ingo said, “and it’s a simple one: ‘Take a load off,’” he smiles.
     “With all the things freight forwarders have to deal with today, it seems reasonable, offering to accept any and all consignments right now,” Ingo said.
     “So beside the standard airfreight freight and consolidations it’s Full Charter, Part Charter, Co-Loads, Long Distance & Special Loads ,what we call solutions business .We care for it all,” Ingo Zimmer said.
     ATC must be doing something right.
     Sitting in a hotel room in London while planning ahead as World Cargo Symposium takes off this week, ATC is in with a full agenda of airline meetings.
     “Our take at ATC is that 2022 has been an excellent year with yields on a very high level.
     “The air cargo industry benefited from the disruptions in the supply chain—port congestion affecting ocean freight, capacity on passenger aircraft not fully back in the first half of 2022.”
     Ingo takes a look at main markets ex-Europe and USA
     “Rates have been high in Q1 & Q2 when capacities on pax aircrafts continued to be limited.
     “After two years of COVID, Summer ’22 saw everybody travelling and flights coming back as a result, brought an increase in capacity for air cargo.
     “But you know usually somewhere there is a silver lining and currently rates are still at a good level.
     “So Q3 looks locked in.” Ingo points out that for ex-Asia the numbers are not so promising.
     “Moving ahead, inflation and very high costs for heating and energy will impact travel, meaning less capacity. Also some of those freighter orders as COVID continued, have been cancelled.
     “At the same time also no more P to F because of cabin load restrictions to and from Europe.
     “Lower capacities should stabilize, even increase yields.
     “On the demand side our expectations for Q4 is, that in terms of tonnage, the traditional peak season will be rather flat.
     “But in total the last quarter will be still good because of the yields.
     “After the great increases cargo has scored during the pandemic, forecast for 2023 is that business will not be so easy.
     “Expect the yields to drop, but hopeful that they do not go back to 2019 level.
     “ATC is on the road again and looks forward to greeting old friends and meeting some new ones here in London this week; at TIACA Miami November 8; and next spring in Latin America; and of course our favorite finally back once again, Air Cargo Europe in Munich May 9, 2023.
     “In the meantime, let ATC not only share a load . . . but allow us to take a load off!” Ingo Zimmer concluded.

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