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   Vol. 21 No. 34
Monday September 12, 2022

Lionel van der Walt Vectors A Forwarder's Approach

lionel van der Walt and James Coombes

     “The profound positive impact of Vector.ai’s rapid expansion and innovative approach to helping freight forwarders solve their business challenges with AI, is leading a new wave of meaningful transformation across the industry,” said Lionel van der Walt (l) who joins Vector.ai as the London-based company's Chief Growth Officer.
     “I look forward to integrating myself into Vector.ai’s dynamic, collaborative culture and bringing the cutting-edge technology they’ve developed to freight forwarders across the globe.
     “Vector.ai is all about uniting AI-driven practices with the physical supply chain, something that is more vital to success than ever before.”
     James Coombes (r), co-founder and CEO, Vector.ai said, “Lionel’s industry and leadership experience is invaluable as we continue to supercharge forwarder‘s customer service through new products, offerings and capabilities.”
     “His 20-plus-year track record of on-the-ground logistics work and supply chain management empowers us to take the next step in our growth journey.”
More: https://vector.ai/
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