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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 21 No. 37
Thursday September 29, 2022

Get It On Kale By Golly

Vineet Malhotra, Mukesh Mudholkar and Vivek Pandit

     Taking an idea turning it into reality and then bringing it out to the world and having it actually work has been uppermost on the mind of Amar More for some time now.
Amar More     Amar is CEO of Kale Logistics Solution, the Mumbai-based company that revolutionized the air cargo process for the legions of trucks, both large and small that call daily at Atlanta Airport in 2019 when it installed the Kale Exclusive Cargo Community System.
     Since Atlanta went into business with Kale, Amar has made, what we have observed the great thinkers and doers and dreamers often find the smartest move after a breakthrough:
     He seems in this wide world of sports and business trade shows to be everywhere at once.
     But sometimes comes an opportunity in this age of COVID where you pass yourself coming and going and need to confront a slight medical adjustment, which is exactly what happened last week to Amar who is spending this week during WCS 2022 getting over it with his family.
     But fear not, all will come right and things will be back to normal.
     Meantime as you might expect, this brilliant Kale Logistics is out front and pulling away from everybody else and, is well represented in London at IATA WCS.
     That matters because all of a sudden software companies with big ideas and bigger dreams seem to be coming out of the woodwork at trade shows everywhere.
     But let's take a tip from the tulips and look up at the sun.
     Kale is the proven answer to log jams in your transport life, whatever your address.
     If you don't believe all of this just ask Atlanta or better still if you are at London WCS, “get it on” Kale, situate in Booth # B03-1 where you can learn all about it from The three Amigos—Vineet Malhotra, (second from left), Mukesh Mudholkar (center) and Vivek Pandit (far right) pictured here talking it up at their booth at WCS London.

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