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   Vol. 21 No. 37
Thursday September 29, 2022

Mike Oslansky Delivers Exportese

     What happens when an operations guy pivots from the airline to the emerging fast lane in high powered digital exchange?
     Here is Mike Oslansky this week in London at World Cargo Symposium. Mike after 33 years took the package at United Cargo and formed a consultancy business, MAWB Services, LLC. in 2020 specializing in air cargo ground handling and other related businesses.
     But a closer look at nearly three-and-half decades in the saddle for UA Cargo reveals that Mike moved up the ladder from serving as an account executive at United Cargo from April 1987 to Director, U.S. Cargo Operations.
     Mike was involved in many transformative projects at United including the launch of a new technology platform in 2013 (UC360), the integration of United and Continental Airlines Cargo in 2012 into a single IT platform as well as the launch of unitedcargo.com in 1999.
     This week in at WCS London Mike is representing Airblox.
     “We are getting a lot of positive feedback concerning the Airblox digital capacity exchange,” Mike said.
     “Thanks to all of the people who have already stopped by our booth.
     “But, I understand everyone’s schedule is busy and maybe a touch hectic but just know you can reach out to Airblox anytime it works for you.
     “This World Cargo Symposium (WCS) event is well attended by key industry experts from all around the world.
     “I was at the WCS in DUB last year, which was also great, but this year's event appears to have even more attendees.
     “It’s great to jump into and also just listen to the discussions which are very optimistic about the future,” Mike said.
     “Looking ahead, we know all of the geo-political challenges that exist as well as the continued but more manageable effects of the COVID pandemic.
     “The air cargo industry is rising up as we always do to address all the issues.
     “I feel everyone is very focused on air cargo’s future. And that future continues to zone in on a key tool, digitalization.
     “Whether it is the digitalization of bookings, shipment details/tracking, financial instruments or capacity exchanges, everyone is eager to learn all about it and especially how to execute digitalization for their own business.”
     With the development of changeover tools clearly the focus for years to come, it feels once again like air cargo is ramping up a future as different as palletized cargo was from from loose loads.
     Digitalization first-adopters like Airblox delivering new thinking and ideas are among us now as leaders of change.
     “It's time in air cargo for innovative thinking that will lift us all and propel us into the future,” Mike Oslansky said.
     Good to think that Mike is still bringing it to air cargo close to home in Chicago, Illinois.

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