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   Vol. 21 No. 37
Thursday September 29, 2022

PayCargo Building Services Worldwide

Mike White, Perre-Antoine Fontaniere, Georgina Ross, Siram Sekhar, Adriaan Reinders, Jason Weber and Luna Martinez.

     Yesterday PayCargo pulled off a show stopper announcement at IATA World Cargo Symposium in London announcing that the financial service company is spreading its wings beyond North America into Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
     PayCargo also revealed that they will be expanding their product offering and will be providing payment solutions for air waybill charges in addition to the ancillary charges they do today.
     PayCargo brought in air cargo industry expert Mike White to make it official at the World Cargo Symposium in London.
     Mike, who is the senior advisor to the CEO, explained how air cargo payments have needed overhaul for some time and that a new of way of doing business with dynamic pricing also needs dynamic billing.
     The veteran air cargo expert explained how PayCargo can reduce cost, improve processing flows, reduce dock delays and improve revenue flows. “This is something very important to help ensure smooth movement of the goods across the world,” Mike declared.
     The financial payment platform company has recently expanded offices in London, Madrid, Dubai and Hong Kong. Further expansion is being planned as the company grows across the globe.
     Many have found, the way air waybill payments have been made in the last 40+ years in the CNS and IATA CASS platforms to be outdated and these platforms have not kept up with the needs of the industry.
     PayCargo was looked on by some as being a game changer and long overdue.
     PayCargo has seen dramatic growth in its seven-year history and now has grown to be the largest payment platform in the world in a very short period of time.
     The company’s CEO, Eduardo del Riego feels the PayCargo expansion across the globe will be part of the digital solution in the new age of air cargo and e-commerce.
     “Our partnerships play an important role in furthering our commitment to transforming the movement of goods and fostering increased efficiencies through PayCargo’s payment platform,” Mr. del Riego told me.
     PayCargo’s cloud-based payments network enables payers to quickly and securely pay air and ocean carriers, maritime ports, ground handlers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers, among others.
     PayCargo integrates with leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Terminal Operating Systems (TMS) entities across various transport modes: Ocean, Air, Rail, and Trucking. Today, PayCargo’s network is the leading independent payment platform focused on expediting the movement of cargo in North America and is rapidly expanding in Europe and other geographies.
     Profitable since an early stage, PayCargo continues to invest in software updates, development, and enterprise-grade security to support this hyper-growth.      PayCargo’sinnovative new tools include advanced real-time customer reporting and invoicing, new workflow tools to streamline partial payments and reconciliation, advance payments, and automated refunds in any currency.
     Mike concluded that PayCargo is not a vendor but a partner in providing solutions and already working closely with companies to implement the benefits that over 40,000+ users are realizing utilizing the PayCargo solution today.

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