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   Vol. 21 No. 45
Tuesday November 29, 2022

Glyn Hughes Futurama

Joshua Karl, Simon Wood, Ashley Sng, Patrick Haley, ACE, Clif Looper, Michael McCarter, Adam Turner, Gregory Weber and Bryan Schreiber

Glyn Hughes Futurama

      Miami . . . The International Air Cargo Association TIACA ACF in early November was venue for first joint Meeting of the Airports Council International (ACI)- North America and Airports Council International - Latin America and Caribbean - ACI LAC Cargo Committees.
     An excellent opportunity to leverage MIA as a host and exemplary of TIACA President Glyn’s version of TIACA to provide Air Cargo Forum (ACF) for another trade association.
     But first Bella Cuba Restaurant Miami in South Beach on the penultimate night with from left to right—Joshua Karl, Joseph Aviation Program Management; Simon Wood, CVG Airport - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport; Ashley Sng, Amerijet International; Patrick Haley, ACE, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport; Clif Looper, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; Michael McCarter, M2P Consulting; and Adam Turner, Gregory Weber and Bryan Schreiber from Rickenbacker International Airport.
     In the picture, in addition to these fine gentleman, is the leading airport consultant and all-around good guy, Mike Webber, behind the camera. If you've got an airport, call Mike, he’ll put you in the picture.

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