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   Vol. 21 No. 43
Wednesday November 9, 2022

Buffalo Airways At TIACA

Greg Perdue, Len Williams and Sandy Macpherson
Left to right at TIACA Air Cargo Forum—Greg Perdue, Vice President-Buffalo Airways; Len Williams, Regional Manager, Alberta- Buffalo Air Express and Sandy Macpherson, Manager, Business Development-Buffalo Airways.

For Canada and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories-based Buffalo Airways Cargo folks, attending The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Air Cargo Forum to rub elbows is only right.
     Somewhere in the heart of every one of those age-defying aircraft still in use, speaks of air cargo’s glorious past and endless possibilities!
     Now Buffalo Airways, the 50-year old company from a place so far north on the map of the Americas that by the time you arrive there you are almost heading South, bought a B737-300SF, that joins an unexpected fleet of World War II-era Douglas DC-3s, C-46s, and a variety of other turboprop aircraft.
     Buffalo from Yellowknife keeps busy, among other things supplying all manner of air cargo services including basic supplies from soup to nuts to settlements all over Northern Canada.
     Secondly, but maybe even firstly as I think about it, every time you hear the throaty growl of a 13,000 pound lifting C-46 or get to push back in a Buffalo DC-3, it only feels right that somebody should be doing air cargo reporting with Ink and Av Gas, so let me try and tell you all about it.
     Buffalo Airways’ general manager, Mikey McBryan, said, adding a B737 to the fleet makes sense to meet increased customer demand for next-day freight delivery. The 737 is currently going through the Canadian Import process and will be flying very soon.
     “Our C-46 cargo aircraft are maxed out daily, so a larger aircraft was needed,” explained McBryan. “Going with an ATR-72 Freighter on this route wouldn’t add much more capacity, so the next step up is the 737.
     “The company has contracts with FedEx, UPS, and DHL, among others, that require next-day service. Moreover, McBryan said Buffalo’s biggest customer “is actually ourselves.”
     He added: “Our courier company, Buffalo Air Express, accounts for 60 to 75 percent of our nightly cargo volume.”
     The Buffalo B737 (when authorized for service) will operate Monday through Friday (for overnight freight) from Edmonton International Airport (YEG), to Yellowknife Airport (YZF), and back to YEG.
     “That will leave the 737 in YEG for the rest of the day to be open for ad-hoc work,” said McBryan, “and for other cargo operators and customers to hire us for scheduled cargo routes.” Mikey added.
     Heads up maybe B737 set to be the darling? . . . Boeing just forecast that demand for air cargo will more than double by 2041, with traffic tripling and the world's freighter fleet rising by more than 60%. Boeing said the world's cargo fleet will require nearly 2,800 production and converted freighters for growth and replacement through the period. With cargo traffic doubling, operators will need to switch to more capable, fuel-efficient and sustainable jets.
     A third of deliveries will consist of new production freighters, whilst the remaining two-thirds will be freighter conversions.
Contact: Buffalo Airways–Courier and Cargo T: 867-873-2084, F: 867-873-3484 Email: cargo@buffaloairways.com

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