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   Vol. 21 No. 43
Wednesday November 9, 2022

Haltmayers Smiling Going Places

Stefan Haltmayer, Heidi Haltmayer, Dieter Haltmayer and Dr. Jennifer Melnyk

     Nonstop Haltmayers . . . Still approachable after all these years privately-held freight forwarder QCS-Quick Cargo Service GmbH is based at Frankfurt Am Main, which also happens to be Europe’s best air cargo airport. Founding father in 1974 and still smiling through is Dieter Haltmayer.
     Herr Haltmayer is pictured with all three of his children who have been operating the company during a non-stop period of growth for some years now.
     In the picture with Papa Haltmayer who today is 84, is Stephan Haltmayer, CEO, daughters Heidi Haltmayer who serves as Director Administration and Dr. Jennifer Melnyk, who serves in Finance for the company.
     As QCS closes in on 50 years of service in both air freight and sea freight, the personal touch remains the core business of the company.
     QCS is represented with its own offices in the most important German and European economic regions.
     With twelve branch offices in Germany including (Frankfurt, Hamburg Sea- and Air-freight, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hanover, Cologne, Nuremberg, Grönau and Leipzig) other European offices active for many years are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Basle, Zürich, Copenhagen and Szczecin.
     Now Quick Cargo Service is on schedule to open several branches in Eastern Europe.
     Bucharest Hungary became operational on April 15th.
     Budapest followed on May 15.
     “We targeted three countries to open offices,” reports CEO Stephan.
     “Bucharest and Cluj and Budapest are opened and will be followed by Bratislava in Slovakia, and Warsaw in Poland.”
     “We expect a significant expansion throughout the industry in Eastern Europe,” Stephan said.
     “Hungary, as example has developed into an industrial hotspot, where suppliers for the automobile industry operate.
     "Recently, Budapest Airport exceeded the tonnage handled at Vienna Airport for the first time ever.
     “We are developing Budapest into our hub for airfreight on routes between East Asia and Eastern Europe,” Stephan added.
     So how does QCS business look as 2023 approaches?
     “Remaining close to customers is important so that in every case we can not only meet, but exceed our clients’ needs.
     Quick Cargo Services is at hand working in close proximity to production sites with partners who understand their home markets.
     “Wherever we serve, QCS speaks your language,” the Haltmayers concluded.
     An attractive gathering of logisticians that are out front and pulling away in Cargo City Frankfurt. But this is also very much a family of people and gathering of professions driven by an enhanced sense of caring and bright personality.
     I remember visiting QCS Frankfurt at Christmastide and was impressed by the determined, yet welcoming smiling faces at work and also a lovely live trimmed evergreen that simply completed the scene there.
     Nice to see the Haltmayers looking good.

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