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   Vol. 22 No. 6
Monday February 13, 2023

Not Easy Being Green


     In 2016 the late Joachim Frigger, CEO and guiding spirit that lead EMO Trans into international prestige and power said:
     “Airplanes and ships don’t move much faster than they did 40 years ago. But the speed of communication and customer demand for total transparency of the location of the cargo at each step of the logistics chain is the big change. What also has changed is the strong demand of customers for environmental sustainability.
     “While this has been mastered by some service providers, there is still a lot of room for improvement.”

Lionel van der Walt, Jennifer Frigger, Glyn Hughes, Jessica Huseman, Stephen Altrman and Stephanie Meyn

     So once again an eagerly anticipated session at AirCargo in Nashville today at 4:00 pm is “Sustainability” that will once again be chaired by Jenni Frigger, VP Sales & Marketing EMO Trans and long time Member of the Board of the U.S. Airforwarders Association (AfA). On the panel are Glyn Hughes, Director General-TIACA; Stephanie Meyn, Environmental Programs-Seattle Tacoma International Airport; Stephen A. Alterman, President-Cargo Airline Association; Jessica Huseman, Senior Sustainability Analyst-Southwest Airlines and Lionel van der Walt, Chief Growth Officer-Raft.
     Jenni Frigger said, “the industry has finally focused on assigning some resources to achieving sustainability. It is an evolving process.
     “It is important to have the tools, for example, ones to measure carbon emissions because if you cannot measure, you cannot achieve what is needed.
     “Of course there are regulatory standards that require compliance but customer demand for sustainability has become a definite clarion call.
     “There has been a noticeable shift with companies working to meet the challenge. As we evolve in this industry effort sustainability will not be a trend but a way of thinking that will become second nature.
     “All of us have to adapt our actions in our every day life as well. I do what is environmentally right and also donate to Greenpeace
     “As to a report card, we are doing better but we have a long way to go, Baby.”

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