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   Vol. 22 No. 16
Thursday May 18, 2023

Kale Shaping Sustainability

Amar More     Amar More, CEO and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions up against the wall at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe last week with a paper copy of a study his company produced titled “Kale Shaping Sustainability at Airports.”
     “This is the first study by the organization which is committed to drive a sustainable future for the logistics industry,” Amar said.
     “Kale conducted the industry-wide study to understand the impact of technology on airports and its allied community sustainability outcomes.
     “The global study measured improvements at airport level on operational efficiency, visibility, truck congestion, carbon emissions and physical paper utility.”
     What we like here, is that Kale included an extra step in its effort to get more readers, they printed it.
     In baseball that kind of thinking is called “hit them where they ain’t” to score runs. In airport cargo, paper in some form or another is where many others still are today.
     Don’t you want to do business with a company that thinks like this?
     The report says technology can save $9 billion for the industry with approximately 16,000 gallons of carbon emissions being cut per airport.
     “Cargo Community platforms have the potential to see 2,000-3,000 gallons of fuel being saved with lower truck wait times annually at an airport and a hector of forest saved every year with paperless operations,” Amar said.
     “Sustainability matters more than ever, our technology-enabled strategy is helping power the logistics industry to march forward on the path of sustainability.”
     It is a notable fact that Kale’s Cargo Community System, Cargo Management System, and other point solutions have delivered carbon-neutral operations across more than 100 airports and ports globally.
     Want a copy?

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