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   Vol. 17 No. 4
Wednesday January 24, 2018

     At FIATA’s 56th World Congress held in Kuala Lumpur last October, we asked MAB Kargo Sdn Bhd CEO Ahmad Luqman:
     “How did you cope with the snow whist attending University in Syracuse, New York?”
     The question didn’t stop the energetic executive.      Instead he reflected the look of an “Orangeman” (the school colors) who has shouldered the snowstorms that blow in off of Lake Erie and bury upstate New York in a manner unknown to Southeast Asia.
     MAB Kargo is a subsidiary of Malaysian Aviation Group, and CEO Ahmad Luqman has been a part of the cargo picture at the carrier for his entire time at the company, now totaling twenty years.
     He immediately admits that he enjoys cargo, employing his touch for data analytical skills, strategy formation, and implementation.
     “I have been privileged to have served in various positions covering cargo terminal operations, system operations, and sales.
     “But if I could do it all over again I would have jumped into sales right away because that is where the rubber meets the road.
     “I especially enjoy the human contact with both team and customers,” he said emphatically.
     “Dealing with shippers and freight forwarders is where the action involves providing customized business processes to meet industry needs and demands, and where we can, through sensible partnerships and cooperation, move the air cargo industry forward.”

Advancing KLIA

      “Developing and implementing cargo processes for the Advanced Cargo Centre in KLIA as well as the Penang Cargo Centre have positioned MAB Kargo to deepen and expand our footprint in the niche markets we serve via our three A330-200 freighters, China to Malaysia and Malaysia to China,” he said.
      “We deliberately reduced the network during past years to allow us to manage our business better,” Ahmad said.

New Aircraft, New Routes?

      It’s a positive sign for cargo at the carrier that Malaysia Airlines will be adding new airplanes and increasing capacity and service, and possibly adding some new routes.
      “We realize about three quarters of our throughput is via belly freight, so the airline adding new generation wide-bodies with their increase payload capabilities hits a sweet spot to our overall service offering, giving us capabilities to service new markets.”
      “We seemed a bit taken aback for some time with the explosive growth of the Middle Eastern Gulf carriers and we focused on some very solid lucrative markets as our core business.
      “I suspect that will continue, but now we also feel quite strongly that for us, with our great KUL gateway operation and longstanding culture for cargo, we need to look a bit wider for new destinations and partners in air cargo,” the executive said.

Long Night’s Journey Into Day

      Several years of losses have not diminished the cargo manager’s enthusiasm, either, as 2017 will complete the long planned and hoped for turnaround at the carrier.
      “We are on track to turn a profit in FY17,” Ahmad Luqman said.
      “We are carefully considering our options and will only move to serve market segments that can support our value for money proposition.
      “Still,” Ahmad Luqman warned, “air cargo yields are likely to remain under pressure as airlines deploy newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft.
      “This is where MAB Kargo needs to carve our own niche. We need to differentiate ourselves and know in which market segment we want to serve,” said Ahmad Luqman.

The Family Man

      Very much a family man, Ahmad Luqman lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and four children.
      He was born and raised in Selangor and attended school in Perak.
      He recalls his first jobs in Negeri Sembilan as a “time of reflection that set the tone for the rest of my life.”

Thinking 2018 & Beyond

      “Our focus is on China,” Ahmad says emphatically.
      “With the recent announcement that Alibaba is moving to Malaysia, we are into the e-commerce sector with both hands and feet and will be a major player providing solutions to the market.
      “Beyond the horizon matters to us very much,” he adds quickly.
      “We are looking for partners to drive our brand to greater recognition in America and Europe, to see us as a go-to resource across the routes we serve directly.”

     A major initiative for good in Malaysia is “1Malaysia for Youth,” often referred to as 1M4U or iM4U.
     The outreach organization is an initiative of the Malaysian government and was founded by Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2012.
     Put simply, iM4U encourages volunteerism amongst Malaysian youth.
     Recently the call came from the PM for Malaysian Airlines, MAB Kargo, Malindo Air, and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) to join forces with iM4U to provide humanitarian support to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. This occurred after reports circulated of Muslims fleeing from Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State to Bangladesh in what is turning out to be the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis.
     As part of the effort, MAB Kargo transported relief supplies gathered from collection centers set up and coordinated by MAHB and iM4U across Malaysia.
     The relief supplies moved via the carrier’s Advanced Cargo Center in KL International Airport (KLIA).
     The supplies were delivered in Chittagong, Bangladesh, via MAB Kargo’s A330 and were received by the iM4U team on the ground for onward distribution to Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh.
     “During this international humanity crisis, we have the pleasure of witnessing our nation coming together as one to help those in need. “In support of the Malaysian Government in the Humanitarian Mission for the Rohingyas – Caring NationDrive, we are humbly honored to be working side by side with the Malaysian aviation industry,” said Rudy Malik, iM4U Chief Executive Officer.
     “For our part, we are proud and honored to show our commitment and the heart of Malaysia to those in need,” declared Ahmad Luqman.

     “It's incredible,” declares EMO Trans Chairman Jo Frigger, “how our Asia offices have soared with extraordinary results during 2017, and the beat goes on as 2018 begins.
      “EMO China, with 10 offices now, and EMO Hong Kong have led the charge, followed by our offices in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and our newest operation in Vietnam,” Mr. Frigger said.

Hopscotching The World
      “We’ve also seen very positive results from our European offices.
      “Under the leadership of Jean-Marc Richter, EMO France in particular has grown and expanded the EMO footprint in that market, and our Belgium operation is reporting positive results.
      “Together with their joint ventures, EMO Germany is producing excellent results,” Mr.Frigger noted.
      “Also, EMO-Estron Netherlands, in conjunction with some of our overseas stations, have gained important business in 2017 and will continue their robust development for 2018.”

Looking Up Down Under

“In the Australasia region, Duncan Smith, under the direction of Marco Rohrer and Thomas Klinkhammer, has further reorganized EMO Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea to produce positive results.
      “In the Americas, EMO Canada, Chile, and Peru reported significant growth versus 2016.
      “In the USA, we maintain our strong position in the marketplace with a path of increased business and profitable growth in 2017.”

The Year Ahead

“Looking ahead as 2018 unfolds, our worldwide EMO entities will focus on aggressive sales development and investing in important areas.
      “We are developing enhanced IT, and see deployment of our Portal fast approaching.
      “Elsewhere, EMO Trans will continue substantial investments into upgrading equipment and employing even more additional staff and resources.
      “Next month, in February 2018, we will conduct a USA operational meeting with specific attention on topics including accounting procedures, customer service, compliance, IT, and procurement.
      “We know that what lies ahead amidst the good news in 2018 is also a lot of hard work ahead of us.
      “Expansion of the group demands continuous diligence to support our high customer service standards as we deepen our drive to keep all clients satisfied.
      “EMO Trans is one of the best in the service business, and that's how we must continue to perform.
      “As I have noted in the past, the success of the EMO Trans organization relies on everyone's dedication and good cooperation. “Our heartfelt thanks go to our customers and of course the entire EMO Trans family worldwide.
      “For 2018, we will do it all over again!” Jo Frigger pledged.

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  Los Angeles Air Cargo Club (LAACA) Great tradition and everlasting fellowship are hallmarks of this great industry group that meets monthly.
  On February 8, LAACA gets a head start on Chinese New Year with a “cocktails until” 5 to 8 PM air cargo gathering just off the main runways of LAX.
  The venue is the new and improved Proud Bird, (11022 Aviation Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045) an always, welcoming local oasis with an absolutely spectacular vista of the main airport runways.
  The aerial ballet outside the Proud Bird
is non-stop with arrivals and departures from places familiar and yet to be discovered.
  Great way to network, socialize and be inspired to think big thoughts as 2018 gets underway, we think.
  Save the date for some hospitality “left side” USA style.
  Fee is $40…Pay at the door… BUT make a reservation.
  Contact: Sherri Dunlap Los Angeles Air Cargo Association. 888-292-4481.

  Most of us have seen pilots inspecting their aircraft prior to flight.
  Occasionally, flight-deck personnel have even been viewed walking the runway.
  But here was a new wrinkle as Alaska Air’s “captains of the clouds” hit an altogether different kind of runway on Thursday, January 18, 2018, at SeaTac in Washington.
  Pilots joined other crew to model new uniforms designed by Luly Yang. The new duds will appear on all 19,000 Alaska, Virgin America, and Horizon Air uniformed employees starting in 2019.

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