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   Vol. 18 No. 11
Friday February 8, 2019

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Airforwarders Association Board

While the flags are up all over the world, as the trade show season kicks off, with so many events “it could make you cry” as one insider put it, the event that gives depth and true meaning to the airline forwarder relationship kicks off February 10 in Las Vegas.

The Show For Everybody Else

     If you count yourself a progressive in this air cargo business, then you will be amongst the registered attendees for the Air Forwarders Association AirCargo 2019 conference that begins on Sunday, February 10. The show launches with its popular Women's Networking event sponsored by Air Canada. “That session will be followed by two spectacular days during which we have air cargo industry experts coming from Washington to discuss the state of industry and security, as well as high-ranking TSA officials, fresh from the recent shutdown who will be there to answer vital questions and provide a glimpse into what new regulations we can expect from the agency this year,” promises AfA Director Brandon Fried.

Stephen Alterman, Vladimir Zubkov, Mike White and Elizabeth Merritt

Friendship The Perfect Blendship

     “We are also delighted and excited to have CNS President Mike White, TIACA Secretary General Vladimir Zubkov, Airlines for America Cargo Director Liz Merritt and Cargo Airline Association President Steve Alterman who will be participating extensively throughout the event.
     “This is a knowledgeable group and attendees can expect to hear some informative and quite spirited debate on important industry issues.”

Peston MurrayLearn From Murray In a Hurry

     “We officially kick off the conference on Monday morning with some power-packed moments with our distinguished keynote speaker, Preston Murray, former President and CEO of National Air Cargo and National Airlines.
     “Preston's extensive airline background, combined with his keen management expertise will captivate the expected 800 person audience who will take away many of his essential lessons for use in their own businesses.”

Something for Everyone & Desert in Winter

     “This conference,” Brandon assures, “has a little something for everyone, including sessions on airport materials handling, warehousing, e-commerce, blockchain, pharmaceuticals handling and how to deliver superior customer service.
     “We even have a panel of canine screening experts who will be there to provide live demonstrations and discuss participation in the new TSA Third-Party Canine Screening Program (3PK9).”

Networking Is The Moveable Feast

Brandon Fried     In addition to a full learning agenda, Brandon reveals that his most favorite conference feature is the many networking opportunities offered in the extensive exhibit hall, where industry professionals can meet airlines, truckers, software vendors, equipment manufacturers and others who can help them improve business and augment their success.
     “This is the first time our annual AirCargo event has been on the Las Vegas strip, so the venue will be perfect for a fun and productive conference,” Brandon Fried said
     “Not registered? Don’t worry-be happy, we will be registering people onsite at the door,” Brandon concluded.
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Soft Brexit Or Hard Roll

Geoffrey Arend and Sebastiaan Scholte(Part two of two). For Part One click here.
     Both the air cargo sector and its leading lobbyist and networking body, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) face multiple challenges this year.
     While the latter has had well-publicized funding issues, ‘air freight’ is staring at trading headwinds in the shape of Brexit, the damaging Transpacific trade war and economic slowdowns in China and the EU.
     All of which made it the perfect time to catch up with Sebastiaan Scholte, the ever agreeable and forthright chairman of TIACA, and the chief executive of Jan de Rijk Logistics.

Hopscotching The World

     Scholte told FlyingTypers, he was concerned about slowing growth in China, not least because it could impact European exports.
     But he also argued this should be placed in context, the context being that although the Chinese economy is slowing down, this is not unusual for a wealthy country. Moreover, he noted, “it’s still growing at over 6%”.

Volumes Moving On Up

     And, while there are signs of economic slowdown in the Eurozone and China, and the trade war between the U.S. and China “adds insecurity,” global air freight volumes “are also still increasing.”
     More difficult to reconcile has been the UK’s flailing efforts to reach a ‘Brexit’ deal with the EU, which, as FlyingTypers has previously illustrated, is continuing to cast a shadow over European and global air freight.

Uncertainty Rules

     “If we knew what was going to happen with the end of Brexit, if we knew what was going to happen between the U.S. and China, then I think as an industry we’d be okay,” Sebastian said.
     “But I think the biggest factor right now, and what I hear from shippers also, is this insecurity.”

How About No Deal?

     The uncertainty around Brexit is exacerbated by the possibility of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, which most analysts and economists expect will be hugely disruptive to supply chains, as well as economically disastrous for the UK and damaging for the EU. This becomes the default, should no alternative be agreed upon between the two parties by March 29, when the UK is scheduled to exit.
     A no-deal Brexit will, according to UK contingency planning, mean reverting to trade under World Trade Organization rules. This will mean higher tariffs, new permits for trucks and drivers, and cargo will need to comply with whatever customs arrangements can be hurriedly agreed between the UK and the EU.
     Huge delays are expected at ports, the Channel Tunnel and airports.

A Hit That Will Leave a Mark

     Jan de Rijk Logistics handles 20,000 crossings a year between the UK and continental Europe, much of it moved under airway bills between European airports, so Scholte has much at stake, as Brexit is thrashed around.
     “Because of the considerable exposure that we have, sometimes I’m invited by the Dutch Government to talk a little bit from a business point of view about it,” he said.
     “A lot of people ask me, what do you do to get prepared?
     “There’s so little we can do, unfortunately.”

Best Surprise Is No Surprise

     “The best thing that can happen is that [Brexit] doesn’t happen. But if it happens, we hope it’s smooth because a no-deal Brexit and World Trade Organization rules is a disaster.
     “If there are waiting times at borders, that’s going to be a disaster.
     “The infrastructure is simply not ready for it. It cannot cope with delays.
     “Not at the tunnel, not at certain ports.
     “There is no Customs capacity, or space to do checks.”

Truck Backup
Warp Speed In The Slow Lane . . .
     Lorries stand queued up between junctions 8 and 9 of the M20 motorway as seen from the A20 road near Ashford, Southeast England, as a result of the port workers strike in 2015.
     Now concern is raised that yesterday could be today, post Brexit.

The Big Truck Line Up

     Mr. Scholte declared that “any new system post-Brexit would need to be built on pre-clearance and zero border delays so cargo could move freely as it does now under airway bills, for example, Frankfurt Airport by truck to catch a British Airways flight in the UK to Chicago.
     “Anything less would gradually see a re-ordering of European supply chains, and the role of UK airports, as part of that logistics landscape.

Hurry Up & Wait

     “What I hear is, that they won’t allow any paperwork at borders,” he said. “They will just send the trucks back, and they can only join the line when they are all electronically cleared and have everything in order.
     “So for me, hard Brexit, soft Brexit or no deal, of course I have an opinion on that, but from a trucking and air freight perspective, please let there be a seamless border crossing with no waiting times, so everything is electronic.
     “We cannot afford to have huge lines on each side of the border especially from the UK perspective, because the UK depends a lot more on products from the EU than vice versa,” Sebastiaan Scholte said.
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Turkish Cargo

  Yes, with Geoffrey Arend II starring in the U.S. television series “Madam Secretary” and son-in-law Anthony starring as Donald Trump in the Comedy Central hit, “The President Show” and daughter-in-law Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), currently starring in the television series “Good Girls”, you can say that we are a show business family.
  So often when someone in our clan goes out the door, the words “break a leg” will trail the departure as the day’s adventure unfolds.
  Also the question, “ready for your closeup?”
  Looking at this picture, we are thinking good wishes and endearments, as Turkish Cargo carried out the first air cargo flight from the brilliant and dazzling new Istanbul Airport to Ankara and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with an A 321 Airbus that landed in Ankara on February 4.

Turhan OzenGoing International Via Lefko

  Later that day, the first international cargo movement from Ankara connected Lefko (Nicosia) with IST via a Boeing 737 aircraft.
  Biggest story of 2019—new Istanbul Airport opens for scheduled cargo March 2 with Turkish Cargo in the lead, a move that will transform Turkey into the world’s premier logistics hub with a cargo capacity of 6 million tons.
  “We are ready for our closeup,” smiles Turhan Özen, Turkish Airlines Chief Cargo Officer.

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