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   Vol. 19 No. 8
Tuesday February 4, 2020

Air France, KLM, Delta, Virgin Joint Venture
Domnic Kennedy  Air France-KLM Cargo, Delta Air Lines Cargo and Virgin Atlantic Cargo launched their expanded trans-Atlantic Joint Venture.
  The partnership, the JV claims, represents 23% of total trans-Atlantic cargo capacity or more than 600,000 tons annually, and a combined network of up to 341 peak daily trans-Atlantic services.
  Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s Managing Director, Dominic Kennedy said:
  “Our great partnership with Delta has already enriched the benefits we offer to our customers. With our expanded JV with Air France-KLM Cargo, we are even more excited about the benefits we will be bringing for our customers, as we work with like-minded partners to deliver greater value across our outstanding trans-Atlantic network.”

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Air Cargo 2020 Nashville

Donna Mullins, Karen Groff and Courtney RossiDonna Mullins is a treasure.
     Always at the forefront, though rarely in the spotlight, Donna Mullins International Solutions is an independent small company that in 2020 is a bulwark of the air cargo community at ATL through its hands-on support for the Atlanta Air Cargo Association and other local airport building efforts.
     Donna, to put it straight, is always on hand in her hometown to do good from her base just off the main runways of Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (HJIA) in Atlanta, Georgia.
     Recently Donna’s company became the Senior Consulting Firm in North America in the Air Cargo Community Systems (ACS) initiative there.
     Atlanta is now on the path of implementing one of the first ACS in North America.
     ATL ACS went live on November 14, 2019 with Kale Logistics and the private sector.
     “Embracing this concept, Atlanta logistics is seeing benefits of the digital community,” Donna said.

Kale Goes Pay Cargo

     Kale and PayCargo have entered into an agreement to enhance the community system with payment processing via their payment platform.
          “That’s an example of how the ‘community’ fits together,” Donna said.

Mark WieseRocket Man Air Cargo In Nashville

     “The just concluded Air Forwarders Association AirCargo 2020 gathering in Nashville was a very informative three days, and as always, featured great sponsors,” Donna declared.
     “It was loads of fun with fabulous networking events, Lady Donna told FlyingTypers.
     “Most favorite session was by the NASA Kennedy Space Center Gateway Logistics Element Manager, Mark Wiese.
     “Who among us really thought about the fact NASA and logistics share a common element—we both move cargo to people?
     “Mark gave a great presentation on how NASA needs commercialization to help achieve many of their goals.
     “One exciting development ahead is the Mission: SpaceX CRS-20 Cargo Mission to the International Space Station,” Donna said.
 Michelle Halkerston      “Informative and inspiring #aircargo2020 keynote by Mark Wiese,” agreed Michelle Halkerston, (left) Owner, President & CEO at Hassett Express in Chicago.
     “Mark touched on topics important to every business— economic growth, innovation, and perhaps most important . . . collaboration!” Michelle enthused.

Into The Air

     “A SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is scheduled to launch on a Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) in Florida, delivering NASA science investigations, supplies, and equipment to the International Space Station,” Donna proclaimed.

Sasha Goodman, Sandy Gregory, Teresa Ehman and Susy Schoeneberg

Women Networking

     “The Women’s Networking Event, ‘How Companies Have Successfully Reduced Their Carbon Footprint,’ with moderators: Sandy Gregory, Flexport; Sasha Goodman, Rock-It Cargo and Speakers: Susy Schöneberg, Flexport; Teresa Ehman, Air Canada Cargo, didn’t stop with just how we impact the carbon footprint, but how we impact the world by our actions.
     “How helping our ‘neighbor’ is as important as helping our climate, was the takeaway here,” Donna said.

Lithium Shipping Shocking

     “Cyber and business risks continue to be a topic of conversation and concern.
     “The Lithium Battery session was extremely informative and it just blows my mind how many people ship cargo, and are not even aware of the hazards of that cargo.
     “It also blows my mind at how many do, and don’t properly declare it,” Donna said.
     “These are lives we are talking about,” Donna Mullins exclaimed.

Michael GivensEducational Approach

     “Michael Givens, (right) Aviation Dangerous Goods Safety Specialist at the Federal Aviation Administration encouraged every logistics provider to educate their clients.
     “There are upcoming changes to ICAO Annex 6 and a new Chapter 15, a cargo safety component, will be added and these changes will be effective November 5, 2020, we learned.

Detection Wins By A Nose

     “K9’s are one of the best ways to detect lithium batteries in a shipment,” Donna Mullins said.
     “Speaking of educating your clients, the Cargo Insurance: ‘Transferring the Risk’ session also reminded us how important it is to educate shippers about insurance and how you should always be offering it as a value-added service, and the consequences if you don’t offer it.

K-9 Cargo Communities Time

     “Airport Cargo Communities are the big buzz right now as many airports are starting to adopt ‘digital infrastructure’ solutions for the expedient, efficient, and effective movement of air cargo.
     “It was noted that the typical time from point to point for air cargo is 96 hours . . . and about 80% of those hours are on the ground, before loading on the plane at origin, and after unloading from the plane at destination,” Donna said.
     “The cargo community concept gives visibility of cargo status to many stakeholders at the same time–airlines, ground handlers, forwarders/brokers, and truckers can all see the status of a shipment in advance of the shipment arriving at or being picked up from the warehouse.
     “Different links of the supply chain such as ABI software, payment platforms, and TMS having EDI conversations is what the cargo community is all about,” Donna Mullins concluded.”

United and UPS Women Pilots

  "Women in Aviation Workforce Report" published by the group Women In Aviation reveals that while women are underrepresented in many areas of aviation, the areas with the largest gaps include technical operations and leadership positions.
  The report shows that women make up less than 10% of pilots, maintenance technicians, and airline executives.
  While continued outreach to underrepresented groups in all areas of aviation is essential for further developing the aviation workforce, the Women Workforce Report also reveals areas that require additional emphasis include pilots, maintenance technicians, aerospace engineers, dispatchers, cybersecurity experts, airport managers, air traffic controllers, and a continued focus on the need for women in aviation leadership positions.
  “While there are many excellent outreach programs in aviation, these results can assist in providing additional information on where to focus outreach efforts as an industry,” a Women in Aviation spokeswoman declared.
  “Simply put increasing the number of women in the field will help meet the needs of industry.
  “In particular, more emphasis is needed to build upon the 3% women airline executives and 1% women airline captains.
  “While increasing the number of women on the flight deck is important, it is equally important to increase the number of women in the left seat, and the number of women in board seats.”

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Jay Hootie McShann

    On Sunday February 2, Super Bowl in Miami and The Kansas City Chiefs’ stunning come-from-behind victory was the thing here in USA and elsewhere around the world for sports fans.
     I have to admit I look at this big show-stopping football event as the post-game gateway to heaven, meaning the advent of six months of nonstop baseball every year.
     But this year brought back some memories of being in 1970 in Kansas City, a place that straddles the states of Missouri and Kansas, at (what else?) a trade show. It was the last time the Kansas City Chiefs appeared in a Super Bowl.
     Kansas City at that time, nearly 50 years ago, and for more than 30 years before that, had a lively jazz scene with some wonderful music venues.
Jay McShann     Recall the great pianist James (Jay) Columbus McShann (also known as Hootie) who enjoyed a long career, and who formed a sextet in 1937, which featured a young Charlie Parker.
     Scores of recorded McShann songs over the years included some, that were not released commercially until the 1970's, featuring Parker.
     But Hootie who actually played in obscurity during the fifties and 1960's, was otherwise quite a prolific musician performing in KC clubs and at other venues.
     We saw him in KC in 1970 in a small club, where he absolutely blew the doors off the joint.
     A live album, Hootie Blues, recorded in 2001 in Toronto was released in 2006 by Stony Plain, showed that McShann could still bring it at the age of 85.
     He died at the age of 90 on December 7, 2006.
      And if you are wondering, if jazz is still alive in Kansas City today, check out the Green Lady Lounge, the Phoenix, and the Majestic Restaurant—all are good.
     Better still, one can go the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museums, which are side by side at 18th & Vine and listen to live jazz in the adjacent Blue Room.
     The Mutual Musicians Foundation (a century old Jazz union hall) is great too.
     Somewhere up there, Kansas City Hootie is celebrating that come-from-behind Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory.
     The way it ought to be.

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