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   Vol. 21 No. 31
Thursday August 11, 2022

Christopher Foyle

     Chris Foyle died yesterday in London.
     You may not know who Chris was, or meant to air cargo, but should.
     Chris was a vital force to our business during the era of another great man, named Robert Arendal, who just turned 84, (see below).
     Foyle was born in London in January 1943 at the height of World War II, and was educated at Radley College.
     Wife Catherine, three daughters and one son survive him.
     Chris was a raconteur. He served as Chairman of UK’s much beloved Foyle’s Book Shop at Charing Cross Road, in Soho Square.
     Even though he pivoted from the store and went into aviation, he kept the business going during the advent of Amazon.
     Chris was delightful and interested in everything including aviation, skiing, history, archeology and genealogy.
     In 1978 he founded Air Foyle at Luton Airport. In 1989, Air Foyle was appointed as the worldwide GSA for the Antonov Design Bureau of Kyiv and became responsible for the marketing, sales, commercial and operational management of Antonov's fleet of AN-124 heavy cargo aircraft.
     In 1994, Air Foyle won a contract to operate one Lockheed L-100 Hercules and one Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft on permanent 24/7 standby for Oil Spill Response Limited.
     Air Foyle and then its sister passenger airline Air Foyle Passenger Airlines until 2006 operated a variety of aircraft for a number of airline customers.
     While serving as Chairman of Air Foyle Cargo, Chris was an organizer of the comeback of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).
     In fact, it was Chris that mapped out that historic first gathering at the famous In & Out Club in London, which brought TIACA back.
     I recall standing next to Chris on the Club balcony, while down in the courtyard the Queens Regiment performed the Beat Retreat.
     He was over the moon at that moment and everybody felt it and it raised the roof of that old joint.
     Chris also was active promoting the TransRussia Cargo Show at The VVR in Moscow in the early 1990s!

Ram Menen, HHSheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Christopher Foyle

Daniel Fernandez     Chris Foyle was determined as an original TIACA organizer and builder to make the fledgling TIACA Group a success.
     “Chris Foyle was a gentleman and an uninhibited supporter of TIACA,” said former TIACA Secretary General Daniel Fernandez (left).
     “His fine hand was always there for us and every TIACA member.
     “He was the best,” Daniel declared.
     “I am really saddened to hear about Chris Foyle’s passing,” said Ram Menen, the man who built Emirates SkyCargo.
     “He was a good friend and an amazing man, a true gentleman and a pioneer in air cargo.
     “He was a philanthropist with numerous diverse interests. Chris was also a past Chairman of TIACA and a Hall of Famer.
     “Even during his last days talking to him was always very motivating and inspirational.
     “Our prayers are with Cathy and the whole family, to give them strength to bear their loss.
     “May the good Lord bless him and may his soul rest in peace.”
Neil Hansford      Neil Hansford, Chairman at Strategic Aviation Solutions (right) said:
     “From a small Luton-based broker Chris Foyle made an enormous step when he hosted TNT into the skies of Europe.
     “Since TNT was deemed as "foreign" Chris initially hosted 11 BAe 146 freighters on his AOC as part of the TNT network which was the model for aircraft domiciled in France, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Hungary in the same structure.
     “This gave TNT a head start prior to the formation of TNT Airways after TNT ownership changed.
     “Chris was also involved in the pioneering Cityjet resurrection in Ireland before its sale to Air France.
     “On this foundation Chris then had the capacity to do the Antonov adventure.
     “Chris regrettably is the first of the pioneers of the TNT network development to pass with both Kevin Sullivan and Tom Storey pre-deceasing him.
     “Vale Christopher Foyle an industry legend,”
Chris Foyle and Geoffrey Arend      As an advocate for fair bilateral negotiations, in 1998 Air Foyle joined with the three other principal British cargo airlines to form the British Cargo Airline Alliance with Chris Foyle chairing the organization. The group lobbied the United Kingdom government to ensure that any imbalances in favor of the U.S. cargo carriers were addressed during the U.S./UK bilateral negotiations for so-called ‘Open Skies’.
     Chris teamed up with Camille Allaz and TIACA to publish ‘The History of Air Cargo and Air Mail.’ Later he created a photographic history of all-British aircraft from 1945 with Leo Marriott, and then translated Andrei Sovenko’s ‘Wings over the Planet – a History of the first 30 years of Antonov commercial charter operations’ from Russian into English.
     Chris Foyle was one of the few cargo bosses you will ever meet with a pilot’s license, which he achieved in 1975.
     He was the real deal, a swashbuckler if there ever was one.
     He will be missed.
     Happy landings always, Chris!

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Fall Back Lightly Into Trade Shows

Jeanette Paschal, Julie Blank, Kym Conis and Kate Patay

     Now come a few quiet weeks after which, from September until later November, air cargo trade shows will be front and center.
     But wait, the pandemic is still loose and people are still getting sick.
     The challenge seems to be for preventive methodology and medicine to position itself a half a step ahead of a disease that mutates quickly.
     While the dreaded face masks wait in the wings for now, a new global health emergency called “monkey pox” is rearing its ugly head and can be spread via surfaces where it lives for some time.
     We are sitting here writing what might take place at The FIATA World Congress in Busan, Korea during mid-September.
     Normally organizations are boastful of who some of the higher profile attendees will be.
     FIATA has posted this message to their trade show website:
     “Please note that the Local Organization Committee (LOC) cannot publish the list of the participants to the 2022 FIATA World Congress (FWC) on its website for privacy reasons.
     “Only registered participants will be able to access the participants list through the custom-made 2022 FWC App, which will be made available early September.”
     In May we reported several cases of COVID post Air Cargo India and combined meetings of United Airlines employees in New Orleans termed “super spreader events” by sources, which led to a rash of infections.
     So now we are at the doorstep of the Fall Trade Show season with IATA World Cargo Symposium scheduled for September 28th in London and The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) Air Cargo Forum November 8 in Miami and Logitrans set for November 16-18 in beautiful Istanbul.
     So maybe the numbers will be a bit off for these shows.
     But what is your strategy if you are going?
     What can you expect or at least hope for at one or all of these events?
     Early in the break when medicine finally got an upper hand with COVID and we all started to drift back to live gatherings, the website Smart Meetings published a White Paper titled, “A Vision for Post-COVID-19 Meetings, How Event Professionals Are Reimagining the Future of Gathering,” that has stood up better than fairly well.
     “I think we will have a better appreciation for each other and our face-to-face interactions. We can accomplish a lot virtually, but we truly are stronger together . . . human connections and the level of productivity accomplished in gatherings won’t go away,” Kate Patay, an industry consultant told Smart Meetings.
     And for air cargo there may be some relief on the horizon from all the frenetic bow tie, award giving galas, although maybe not right away
     “I believe meetings will head toward simplicity and focus on attendees exchanging, sharing and providing solutions—and less about all the noise,” said Kym Conis, managing director of American Mold Builders Association. “The fanfare had gotten out of control at in-person meetings.”
     Julie Blank, who earlier reported that she was rebooking meetings whenever possible, was also optimistic. “I honestly expect, and truly hope, that people will appreciate being together more. I think we will pay greater attention to each other, show more care for each other and just appreciate non device-generated time together—from six feet apart of course, and with a mask, and maybe gloves. But still together.”
     She concluded her written comment with the universal symbol for optimism and hospitality—a smiley face.
     Here is an outcome everyone can hope for. Jeanette Paschal, president of Sound Meetings & Event Management in Raleigh, North Carolina, ventured the following:
     “We will all be more gracious and kind to each other.”

Robert Arendal

     Happy Birthday at 84 years young to air cargo pioneer, dreamer, and doer and a truly great human being in every respect, Robert Arendal.
     A major figure for the past half century Bob brought experience in the air cargo industry, occupying various shipping and air cargo management positions in Europe as well as the U.S. In 1970 when he became part of the management team that founded Cargolux Airlines International SA, spending 29 years as Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Cargo Services as well as Deputy CEO.
     Mr. Arendal is a founding father and first Chairman of The International Air Cargo Association TIACA. He is a past President and presently a member of TIACA's President Council and entered the legendary TIACA Hall of Fame in 1997.
     Bob is co-founder of the Cool Chain Association and has been its chairman for 10 years.
     More recently, Mr. Arendal became a founding member of the ‘Sustainable Biofuel Network,’ a group of stakeholders facilitating aviation’s transition from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable alternative biofuels.
     Bob did one outstanding thing all of us who love this business can point to that impacts our industry yet today.
     In 1992 the first Air Cargo Forum of TIACA was held in Luxembourg ushering in the modern era of air cargo events.
     To share a moment of the good that TIACA brings in today and how far TIACA has come as an air cargo organization just look at this spirited photo of The Women’s Caucus in 2018 at the last major air cargo ACF event before the COVID pandemic.
     As we look forward to getting back to normal this year in Miami November 8-10, Air cargo again says a heartfelt “Thank you, Bob Arendal and many more Happy Birthdays."

Marco Leonardo Sorgetti

     Marco Leonardo Sorgetti was a practicing freight forwarder in Turin, Italy before he pivoted to organized air cargo. He sold his company in 2000, worked for the Italian federation Fedespedi and then joined CLECAT, the European Freight Forwarder Federation as Director. In 2012 Marco became Director General of FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, the international association of 40,000 Freight Forwarder member organizations. He retired in 2017, but has remained active in the logistics field.
     Marco is always soft spoken, smart and steadfast. What we like most about Marco is that he is a good listener with a wealth of ideas and he is always willing to share with everyone.

FT:    What do you want to happen?
MS:    Probably the most obvious and uncanny thing one could wish for this summer, an effective cure for COVID19 . . . One could argue it is not very creative as a request.
     As second best I would wish for more solidarity, perhaps almost as uncanny.      Surely easier to achieve and nearly as effective as a cure, solidarity could work at individual and even at national level. The Latin said: spes ultima dea, so one should not give up hope. Maybe we shall get both.

FT:    What is the most important point about the shipping industry that you want to get across to everyone that asks you that question?
MS:    Reading the news one thing strikes me: there is a rush to axe jobs for companies to survive this period without losing margins . . . Airlines, shipping and logistics are not different from any other sectors, but this is not a good strategy in the long run. It may give stakeholders the impression that the company is well managed, but in the end the impact on society at large will be terrible, companies will not have markets to operate in as consumers’ buying power will be gone for a long, long time. This is a short-sighted approach, we need a new deal instead.
     Everyone should be ready to accept some sacrifice. I wonder how deep we need to plunge into depression to learn that we need to use other instruments in times like these . . . This is a time to resist, resist, resist whatever it takes, we must invest in our future and stop thinking about ROI’s to impress the stock market.
     The recent figures published by many countries, in particular the UK, show that the period ahead will be difficult, solidarity will be key to overcome the situation.

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