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   Vol. 22 No. 6
Monday February 13, 2023

Air Cargo 2023

Brandon Fried      Brandon Fried, energetic executive director of the Airforwarders Association (AfA) has a smash hit trade show on his hands in Nashville, which started yesterday Sunday February 12 with maybe 1,000 people wall to wall.
      That is almost double normal attendance.
      We caught up with Brandon who is understandably over the moon about it all and quite busy right now:
      “You once said,” Brandon declared, “that the annual AirCargo event is the conference for the "Everybody Else.”
      “Truer words, have yet to be spoken,” Brandon smiled.
      “We got underway in Nashville in a sold-out exhibit hall Sunday with lots of monitors showing the Super Bowl during our opening kick-off event,” Brandon said.
      “Conference partners include the Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association, Airports Council-N.A., and the Airforwarders Association,” he said, “our keynoter is AIT Worldwide Logistics CEO Vaughn Moore.
Vaughn Moore      “Vaughn is a total professional with nearly three decades of service in the logistics industry.
      “Vaughn will offer a view of how his company continues to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.
      “He will also share his current industry perspective on expected trends in sustainability, the economy, workforce issues, technology, and what our industry can expect amid market uncertainty.”
      Sustainability bubbles back up into the mix in 2023 after causing quite a bit buzz at last year’s event. This year’s panel will once again include people like Jenni Frigger, VP Sales & Marketing EMO Trans.
      The service and devotion to advancing forwarding for all by people like Brandon and Jenni and many active at AfA is admirable.
      In Jenni’s case she has served on the Board of Directors for AfA for the past dozen years chairing the Sustainability Panel last year and again this year, (see below).
      “Our AirCargo program also includes over 45 industry expert speakers,” Brandon noted, “including Lee Klaskow, Bloomberg, and Satish Jindel, who will share their perspectives on many topics, including disruptive business trends, sales and marketing, cybersecurity, investment capital, air cargo congestion, and supply chain challenges, and emerging technologies.
      “Online registration is closed,” Brandon said loving every sold out minute of this one after the utter devastation on the past few years, “but people can register at the door with a credit card,” Brandon said.
      “The Omni is booked, but there are many hotels nearby, so welcome to Nashville.
      “Join us for meeting new people, networking, learning and having some fun while making your business more successful!” Brandon Fried said.
      “And smile you’re going to having a good time.”


     In 2016 the late Joachim Frigger, CEO and guiding spirit that lead EMO Trans into international prestige and power said:
     “Airplanes and ships don’t move much faster than they did 40 years ago. But the speed of communication and customer demand for total transparency of the location of the cargo at each step of the logistics chain is the big change. What also has changed is the strong demand of customers for environmental sustainability.
     “While this has been mastered by some service providers, there is still a lot of room for improvement.”

Lionel van der Walt, Jennifer Frigger, Glyn Hughes, Jessica Huseman, Stephen Altrman and Stephanie Meyn

     So once again an eagerly anticipated session at AirCargo in Nashville today at 4:00 pm is “Sustainability” that will once again be chaired by Jenni Frigger, VP Sales & Marketing EMO Trans and long time Member of the Board of the U.S. Airforwarders Association (AfA). On the panel are Glyn Hughes, Director General-TIACA; Stephanie Meyn, Environmental Programs-Seattle Tacoma International Airport; Stephen A. Alterman, President-Cargo Airline Association; Jessica Huseman, Senior Sustainability Analyst-Southwest Airlines and Lionel van der Walt, Chief Growth Officer-Raft.
     Jenni Frigger said, “the industry has finally focused on assigning some resources to achieving sustainability. It is an evolving process.
     “It is important to have the tools, for example, ones to measure carbon emissions because if you cannot measure, you cannot achieve what is needed.
     “Of course there are regulatory standards that require compliance but customer demand for sustainability has become a definite clarion call.
     “There has been a noticeable shift with companies working to meet the challenge. As we evolve in this industry effort sustainability will not be a trend but a way of thinking that will become second nature.
     “All of us have to adapt our actions in our every day life as well. I do what is environmentally right and also donate to Greenpeace
     “As to a report card, we are doing better but we have a long way to go, Baby.”

chuckles for February 13, 2023

Mike White, Lothar Moehle, Lionel van der Walt, Kestr Meijer, Jennifer Haigh, Doug Brittin

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Of Three Lithium-Certified Two Are Qatar

One From The Heart

     This is a Valentine for every parent who works in air cargo that celebrates or celebrated the airport with their children.
     I feel like we all have something in common as part of a special group that in some ways can see that world from the inside out.
     I know this because our four children grew up at The Marine Air Terminal (MAT) at LaGuardia Airport during the 1980s while we were saving it for history.
     Guess we were lucky because now that those days have gone, the memories of preserving MAT a little round art-deco building that once upon a time, from 1939 until the opening of New York Idlewild Airport in 1948, handled all the international air traffic for the greatest city in the world have in the world of 2023 been universally celebrated.
     As long as there are airports, Historic Preservation is a powerful friend for a very special place.
     Memories, I am sure are there somewhere for kids that have grown up around people who work at airports.
     Our daughter Flossie wrote this almost a decade ago as an adult.
     Now that I think about it, the children in our neighborhood were always spending their school trips at LaGuardia.
     I created an 800-page adventure picture book,a very long love letter really about 132 airports, one great story after another, for Airports Council International in 1986 titled “Great Airports Worldwide.”
     Here is what Flossie wrote about the MAT.
     The children know the way.

Plane cartoon

     The hallways were long, dark, slanted. When you ran it echoed loudly and your body felt askew. It was a donut, impossible to get lost in. Impossible to go anywhere new.
     We crawled out the office window and sat on the eaves of the building. From that vantage, you could watch the planes roar in overhead. Dad let us sit out there often.
     We ate Planter’s Cheezballs, played with model airplanes, sneaked down a cylindrical staircase that opened into the ticketing area. We were airline kids—a rare breed. The airport was our playground.
     Those kids don’t exist anymore. Airports have changed.
Flossie Arend

Flossie Arend

Flossie Arend had a great start to 2023, with her first published work in the Science Fiction Genre. Read the story in the January issue of Fantasy Magazine. The magazine is available on multiple formats and can be accessed here.

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Turkish Red Crescent

     The terrible earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 in the PazarcŽk district of Kahramanmaras, Turkey has left unimaginable death and destruction and was felt in many provinces, especially in Gaziantep, Sivas, Hatay, SanlŽurfa, Mersin, Samsun and Trabzon. 10 provinces were destroyed. Turkey has issued a level 4 alarm. The alarm also contains the International help code. There have been several hundred after shocks, the largest of which was 6.6.
     Thousands have died in Turkey and Syria.
     You can help with a one-time donation to The Salvation Army.
     From my experience serving as a Salvation Army Senior Advisor here in New York City for several years in Jamaica, New York, the Army is a very safe bet that it gets to the right place.
     You can be certain that Salvation Army is at work as you read this appeal “doing the most good”.

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