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Thursday May 18, 2023

Amar More     Amar More, CEO and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions up against the wall at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe last week with a paper copy of a study his company produced titled “Kale Shaping Sustainability at Airports.”
     “This is the first study by the organization which is committed to drive a sustainable future for the logistics industry,” Amar said.
     “Kale conducted the industry-wide study to understand the impact of technology on airports and its allied community sustainability outcomes.
     “The global study measured improvements at airport level on operational efficiency, visibility, truck congestion, carbon emissions and physical paper utility.”
     What we like here, is that Kale included an extra step in its effort to get more readers, they printed it.
     In baseball that kind of thinking is called “hit them where they ain’t” to score runs. In airport cargo, paper in some form or another is where many others still are today.
     Don’t you want to do business with a company that thinks like this?
     The report says technology can save $9 billion for the industry with approximately 16,000 gallons of carbon emissions being cut per airport.
     “Cargo Community platforms have the potential to see 2,000-3,000 gallons of fuel being saved with lower truck wait times annually at an airport and a hector of forest saved every year with paperless operations,” Amar said.
     “Sustainability matters more than ever, our technology-enabled strategy is helping power the logistics industry to march forward on the path of sustainability.”
     It is a notable fact that Kale’s Cargo Community System, Cargo Management System, and other point solutions have delivered carbon-neutral operations across more than 100 airports and ports globally.
     Want a copy?

Chuckles For May 18, 2023

Ian McCool

     “No doubt, at the biggest trade show for air cargo in 2023, takes on what the big crowd talked about have varied.
     Overwhelmingly it was mostly about people and relationships as Air Cargo Europe was absent for four years during the Covid pandemic.
     But things are moving fast and getting a handle on exactly what lies ahead for business in 2023 can be a bit of a challenge.
     We spoke to Ian McCool, Managing Director of International Airline Marketing IAM, a GSSA based in Dublin, who spent the last days talking to lots of people.
     “If MUC had taken place two months earlier, there may have been some very different discussion.
     “The general feeling is that the European market, since just before Easter, has gone through a dramatic change.
     “Macro-economic issues: Concerns of possible recessions, banking crisis, high interest rates, inflation, the continuing war in Ukraine, U.S. debt ceiling, tech slowdown, U.S. tensions with China, China tensions with Taiwan, emissions reductions and climate change.
     “Match the above with high inventory levels for many shippers, manufacturer slowdowns in some major markets, slowing global demand, increasing pax flight schedules, state and religious holidays in the last two months.
     “The basic economics of supply vs demand has stretched the elasticity of yields on certain trade lanes.”
     In 2023, IAM serves American Airlines Cargo, Etihad Cargo, Air Canada Cargo and All Nippon Airways, to name but a few.
     IAM is Ireland’s largest Air Cargo General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA), handling a quarter of all airfreight traffic from Ireland.
     “Ireland is now the only country in the EU with English as its first language.
     “Brexit remains the gift that keeps on giving; today Ireland is in a unique position.
     “It is a key part of one of the largest markets in the world, the European Union with very strong/established business/political connections with the U.S.”
     “The air cargo industry has always had the ability to react and adjust quickly.
     “Most markets are going through a period of adjustment, some a bit more dramatic than others.
     “Some sectors are holding up better than others such as specialist type traffic, i.e. temperature control, outsized cargo and express products.
     “The crystal balls are still a bit cloudy but through the gaps in the cloud, we can see some positive signs.
     “Most air cargo professionals are used to the cyclical and unforeseen market changes of our industry and have the know-how and experience to steady the ship and adjust the strategy.
     “The only certainly,” Ian notes, “I could glean from the many meetings and conversations during this welcome back week in MUC, is that we are in for a period of uncertainty.
     “The hopes and anticipation is that the situation will stabilize toward the last quarter,” Ian McCool said.

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ATC Team Air Cargo Europe Munich

“As we take stock of our time this week at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe in Munich I must express my personal thanks to the many people who have stopped by our stand to share some moments, and yes it has been too long since this great show has brought us all together,” said ATC Aviation Services AG CEO Ingo Zimmer (back center picture dark jacket) at the show.
     “ATC at Messe Muenchen this week faced the future as the leading Cargo GSSA in the world, driven by the experience and expertise of our carefully selected team of top air cargo management specialists,” Ingo who has been at the helm since 1989 declared.
     “There was so much going on with great days of great business meetings, making some new friends and of course some special moments of catching up with friends," said Dagmar Hanau, Group Marketing Manager.
      Ingo added, “Our vision is to expand our organization and grow our business across the globe.
     “Our aim is to set the highest standards of excellence in the Cargo GSSA business, through superior quality and transparency in our service delivery.
     “We always strive to professionally promote our partner airlines’ growth while serving our mutual customers at the most professional level.
     “More and more leading airlines around the world continue to choose ATC Aviation Services as their preferred GSA/GSSA partner.
     “We know that the satisfaction of our partners, our customers, our employees, and our investors is the cornerstone to successful,
sustainable, and profitable business growth.
     “Covid challenged all of us, service providers, customers, and friends, so as the often joyous collective sigh of relief is felt in the Halls of Munich this week, all of u at ATC in Hall B1.317-442 with best wishes and intentions for everyone asks how can we help?” Ingo Zimmer said.

Carlos Herrera, Natalia Henao Garcia, Luis Ramos, Ingo Zimmer, Mark Thiermann
In the picture l to r Carlos Herrera, Executive Commercial Director Aerocharter; Natalia Henao Garcia, Cargo Sales Director Aerocharter; Luis Ramos, CEO Aerocharter, Ingo Zimmer, CEO ATC Aviation and Mark Thiermann, Regional Director South America ATC.

     ATC Aviation Services AG Services South America and Aerocharter de México announced at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe that ATC will develop and manage all aspects of cargo sales and operations for VivaAerobus in Ecuador, providing customers with seamless and efficient air cargo services, effective June 2023.
     “We are thrilled to partner with Aerocharter and to be entrusted with managing their cargo sales and handling operations in Ecuador,” said Ingo Zimmer, CEO of ATC Aviation. “Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and expertise to support the success of Viva Aerobus and to meet the evolving needs of their customers."
     “We are excited about our partnership with ATC Aviation and the value we will create in our cargo sales in Ecuador. Their experience and knowledge of the market are the strengths and characteristics of a great partner. We are confident that this is the beginning of a long-term relationship for both companies,” said Luis Ramos, CEO of Aerocharter de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
      ATC's portfolio features a worldwide network of 55 offices in 34 countries on 5 continents, representing numerous well-known cargo airlines.
     Viva Aerobus operates flights to more than 50 domestic and international destinations across Mexico, the United States and South America. The airline's fleet consists of Airbus A320 and A321neo aircraft. In addition to its passenger services, Viva Aerobus also operates a cargo division, Viva Cargo through Aerocharter as their Total Cargo Management which provides air cargo transportation services to businesses across the entire network.

Emo Trans Booth Air Cargo Europe

Jenni Frigger, Brandon FriedDear hearts and gentle people . . . Jennifer Frigger Latham, VP Sales & Marketing, EMO Trans at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe pictured with The Airforwarders Association (USA) Executive Director, industry trade show organizer and empresario Brandon Fried.
  Question was how goes it, at this 2023 turn at a show that played out for transportation people like a mammoth family style reunion, talking more about how good it feels to be back together after missing these gatherings every other year during the Covid. This was Jenni’s reaction.
  “EMO Trans was excited about this year’s Transport Logistics Trade show because the last few years have been marked by our industry overcoming tremendous obstacles to support humanity in continued growth and prosperity and in helping people all over the world get back to health.
  “The challenges permeated from the c suite to the desk level and we are proud of how every level of our organization contributed to our great results.
  “The outcome is that we not only had record profits, which have largely been reinvested in the organization as capital to make infrastructure improvements and hire staff, but also that the team itself has become battle tested, more resilient and more capable.
  “The market is shifting, and we will as always be guided by our 50 years’ experience as we drive solutions through continuity.
  “The new innovations stand on the shoulders of our experience.
  “About the Munich Air Cargo Europe show last week: “After four years of being away, we invested in a larger booth and more team members attended because we are proud to show our investment of the last four years.
  “From customers and colleagues to vendors and even competitors we love these people and boy have we missed everyone!
  “Nothing felt better than seeing each other again,” Jenni declared.
  Brandon agreed: "The Airforwarders Association's international engagement continues this week as we met many members and made new friends at this popular event that has not happened since the pandemic began.
  “Air Cargo Europe is the international gathering for the global air freight industry.
  “Since 2003, it has been held every two years in Munich.
  “It's been a busy few weeks for the AfA, starting with cohosting a recent event in Miami with 35 members and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) air cargo leadership to discuss upcoming security enhancements. From there, it was off to address forwarders of the World Air Cargo Association in Sorrento, Italy, followed by our participation in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey.
  “Next is the upcoming Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Conference June 3-5th in Miami. Hope to see you in Miami,” Brandon said.

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Lyman Mustafa, Ralph van Eijk, Brian Kolb, Mike Oslansky

     “Great show!” said Mike Oslansky, one of the outstanding air cargo professionals in attendance at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe Munich last week who were having some high times enjoying the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones in MUC.
     Although the displays were impressive, equally on the mark were walkabouts, developing business during the four-days, pressing the flesh greeting old contacts and making new ones.
     Mike Oslansky is a last mile operations guy; a unique, highly skilled professional in air cargo today, not a bad place to unleash his unique expertise, which includes 33 years at United Airlines Cargo before retiring in 2020 as Director Cargo Operations, then going into business for himself forming his own MAWB Services LLC. based in Chicago.
Ivan Kuznetsov, Mike Oslansky      “Last week I was helping to promote Airblox and cellumation GmbH, two unique companies.
     “Airblox stacks up today as a key new entrant in our industry because it allows freight forwarders (buyers) and airlines (sellers) to trade cargo capacity in the form of standardized electronic block space agreements (eBSA).
     “cellumation technology is unique compared to other sortation solutions.
     “The cellumation solution uses less space in a warehouse and there is virtually no chance of system downtime.
     “This is critical for our industry that is now transitioning to the world of e-commerce and the timeliness of its last mile deliveries,” Mike said.
     “The future is here and it’s great to be a part of it,” Mike smiled.

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