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   Vol. 18 No. 20
Thursday March 21, 2019

Zeynep A Good Bet For DB Schenker
Zeynep Kasikci

  Zeynep Kasikci, Head of Air Freight at DB Schenker Turkey, based at Istanbul has a clear cut philosophy on how things in the logistics business works
  “Good logistics are analytic,” she said. “You always have short lead time, so results have to be fast.
  “So thinking things through always delivers the best result.
  “I have been in this business for 25 years.
  “But I take a very clear view of never losing our edge when it comes to shipping solutions.
  “Having challenges and delivering in every situation keeps me young.
  “Here in Turkey, Schenkers conducts a vibrant intern program.
  “We bring in young people, and can clearly see the challenges of keeping young talent in air cargo.
  “We are a great company with plenty of opportunity but we must make it clear to the next generation that a logistics career has many traditions that are still valid today, including a progressive learning curve.
  “Some young people are looking to rocket right to the top.
  “We have to explain that ours is a great career and a good life on balance, but they must learn while they earn.
  “At DB Schenker Turkey, our goal is to provide case for case solutions for any shipping need.
  “Air cargo in Turkey is undergoing an amazing transformation with realization that Hub Istanbul is the next great transportation story.
  “Here the greatest airport in the world is opening in 2019.
  “The future of air cargo is digitalization and artificial intelligence.
  “It’s great to be part of what’s new and what is next,” Zeynep Kasikci said.
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