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   Vol. 17 No. 19
Tuesday April 3, 2018

FIATA Reports IATA Dallas

     “The meeting in Dallas last week between IATA and FIATA was definitely a positive in terms of making progress toward our much publicized IATA/FIATA Air Cargo Partnership (IFACP),” beamed Keshav Tanna, Chairperson of  FIATA Air Freight Institute.
      “The meetings continued on the path to change the forwarder agreement in order to reflect current practices of the air cargo industry.
      “So far the pilot roll out in Canada has raised some questions (related to liability, commercial relationship, and the variety of roles of the forwarders in the supply chain) among the constituencies of FIATA and IATA,” said Keshav.

A Work In Progress

      “Lots of positive progress is being made in terms of ensuring that the Canadian Pilot is a success, but it is still work in progress.
      “Ongoing discussion will bring clarity to the industry.
      “One must remember that this program was not put together, overnight but after years of hard work from both IATA and FIATA.”


Must Get It Right   “

      What we are creating for air cargo is a global program which has to hold good for the entire Industry worldwide.
      “The current situation with the varied eight odd Agency Programs is quite fragmented.”

Optimistic Moving Forward

      “FIATA is very optimistic about the IFACP and so is IATA.
      “This program brings in new relationships between the Forwarders and the Airlines, which are more equitable.
      “Both constituents recognized some time ago that the air cargo business model was undergoing a change and hence change we must.
      “Safe to say,” Keshav said, “that everybody wants to know what to expect.
      “From FIATA’s view air cargo forwarders can expect one global program with a uniform level playing field across the world.
      “The same rules will apply worldwide and there will be no fragmented application of resolutions,” said Keshav Tanna.

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