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   Vol. 17 No. 17
Tuesday March 20, 2018

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Suresh Prabhu, the Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, taking additional charge of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, in New Delhi on March 12, 2018. Jayant Sinha, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation looks on.

     The recently named Minister for Civil Aviation of India Suresh Prabhu takes charge of the subcontinent’s aviation portfolio as an add-on to his regular duties as Minister of Commerce and Industry. Prabhu, considered by many, the ultimate government professional assumed command of C&I after former chief Ashok Gajapathi Raju resigned for political reasons.

Air India

     While the new minister has started off making the right noises, at least as far as air cargo is concerned, questions are being asked whether his outwardly ambitious plans will be feasible or not.
     Also Prabhu has taken charge at a crucial juncture as the government is finalizing the modalities for the strategic disinvestment of Air India.

The Air Cargo Plan

     First, however, Minister Prabhu’s plans for air cargo.
     Minister Prabhu has unveiled a draft plan to link aviation to agricultural hubs to boost farm exports.
Prabhu said that the draft policy has been circulated for inter-ministerial views.
     “I have asked officers (of the civil aviation ministry) to prepare a plan to provide this support with a view to fast-tracking the movement of farm commodities,” Prabhu declared.
     The Minister also noted that the aviation sector is competing with other modes of transportation in the country and that would bring down the cost of logistics.

Working On The Railroad

     Suresh Prabhu has had several different stints as Minister since 1998.
     In fact, Prime Minister Modi chose him to be the Minister for Railways in 2014.
     A Chartered Accountant by profession, Prabhu is known as an advocate for reforms. He is also a man of integrity: he quit as Railway Minister when three accidents happened within a span of 10 days in August last year.
     There is also the lame duck factor.
     With barely a year remaining for this government, it remains to be seen how much Prabhu can achieve.
     What air cargo stakeholders are looking at is action on the ground – and that seems to be taking longer than usual.

Boost Exports Plan

     It is, however, important to note that Prabhu as Commerce and Industry Minister has chalked out plans in some detail for India to boost exports.
     This will primarily be accomplished by widening the country’s export basket.
     Prabhu said that he was keen to see India exporting new products and opening new markets.
     The plan includes among other things, driving share of exports to 20 percent of the GDP.
     According to Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO), the current share of exports in GDP is 18 to 19 percent.

New Logistics Performance Index

     The Commerce Ministry has, meanwhile, come up with a Logistics Performance Index (LPI) that will rank states in terms of the logistical support they provide to promote trade.
     The index will act as a signal to identify the problem areas.
     For example, while Customs Department function smoothly in certain states, in other states, they do not and the index would help in finding out why this was happening.

Guarded Enthusiasm

     While the Minister’s words may have struck a responsive chord, it will take quite a while to set up the proper infrastructure, especially for the agricultural sector to boost exports.
     Stay tuned.
Tirthankar Ghosh

One More Tale of Winter 2018 . . . From left are Frank Sun, Managing Director Emo Trans China, Tom Bayes, Director of Route Development & Asia Development, Marco Rohrer, President & CEO and Bernhard Stock, Member of the Board of Directors. The drop-in, frozen-faced guest arrived as Shanghai welcomed its first snowfall in eight years.

China Rising

     EMO Trans, with 250 offices worldwide, launched operations in China in 2015.
     Today EMO China operates staffed offices at a growing list of locations including Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Tianjin, and Xiamen.
     On January 26, EMO Trans China held its Annual Dinner in Tong li, a beautiful 1,000 year old village located on the eastern shore of Taihu Lake, about 90 minutes from Shanghai.

Town Hall Dallas

     Even before IATA World Cargo Symposium arrived last week, Dallas Texas served as venue during February for EMO Trans, the fast growing logistics provider that conducted a “Town Hall” series of comprehensive meetings for its operations and department managers.
     “It’s about strengthening our teams,” according to Marco Rohrer, EMO Trans USA President & CEO.
     “We have a long history of success with strong, capable management,” Marco declared.
     “But there is always room for improvement,” he added.
     “These meetings are part of the strategy to build on our achievements, empower our teams, and preserve the future of the company,” Mr. Rohrer said.

EMO Completely Secure

     “Our Town Hall meetings are aimed at discussing employee questions on financial stability, opportunities for career advancement and training, global expansion, and the future outlook for EMO Trans,” Jo Frigger, EMO Trans Chairman said.
     “Our vision for the company is that success of EMO Trans is everyone’s responsibility. “To continue to be successful, we must gain new business and keep our employees happy and productive while exceeding our customers’ expectations!
     “Good communication is the key, and we can’t underestimate the power of professional dialogue assisted by technology,” he said.
     “We must maintain our strength and be prepared for the rapid progress in our industry.
     “With our present structure, the future of the company as a privately-held enterprise is
completely secure,” Jo Frigger concluded.

Subscription Ad

     “In a market that is oversaturated with capacity, if we get this right, we have a better chance that customers will bring their business to us through value creation and not just price.
     “Our goal is to be the Number 1 in on-time delivery of air freight.”
     “As an industry, air cargo can work to better meet the needs of our customers. Electronic airway bills, simplification and automation are key themes.
     “We should continue discussing policies that impact the air cargo space to improve upon our ability to be easier to do business with.

Innovation Job One

     “For Delta,” says Shawn Cole, VP Cargo at Delta Air Lines, “2018 innovation means that we can develop, test and introduce products and services that better meet the needs of our key customers.
     “This year will see a sustained focus on transforming Delta Cargo.
     ‘We will continue to offer a range of differentiated products and services, with investment in technology. Last month saw the launch of Equation Critical for international, time sensitive products with GPS technology.
     “We will also look to roll-out RFID technology utilizing the RFID framework from the passenger side of the business.”

Solid Second Half Into New Year

     “Delta Cargo has found that demand has been solid in the second half of 2017. “During December quarter and full year financial results (announced Jan 2018), we highlighted a revenue increase of 14.4 percent during the quarter driven by higher volumes in freight and mail, and yields.
     “The demand environment is being fueled by general business confidence leading to growth in exports, particularly capital equipment and pharmaceuticals.
     “Cross border e-commerce is also growing. “Delta’s investment in new A350 aircraft, with large cargo capacity, will ensure we can support our customers in this strong demand environment.
     “Looking ahead, there is general optimism in the industry and we expect this to continue based on economist reports and public information,” Shawn Cole said.

Money Man Tops Cargo

     Shawn Cole as Vice President of Delta Cargo appeared on the scene last June, but he had served Delta most notably in finance and corporate planning for a decade.

Looking For Ways To Improve

     “Innovation is a brand promise with Delta Cargo and we’ll be delivering on that moving forward.
     “As Delta builds its global footprint, we will continue to look at ways we can be more closely aligned with our partners, including Aeromexico Cargo, Air France KLM Cargo and Virgin Atlantic Cargo.
     “We will also be looking to bring these partners into the Cargo Control Center so we can be really integrated on the operational side.

A Thought Leader

     “We are focused on building a business that is thoughtful and innovative and focused on the customer and their needs.
     “Customers will have seen a substantial amount of progress in our ability to deliver for them reliably, every day, every week, and every month for the whole year.

Cargo Control Center

     “In August last year, Delta opened the Cargo Control Center which has been a game changer.
     “Now we have the ability to track all the freight we send, anywhere in the globe and allows us to pre-empt any operational issues such as weather that may impact a shipment.
     “Delta Cargo added Dash Critical & Medical, the first fully GPS enabled, same day product offered by a U.S. freight carrier.
     “We updated and revamped and also our 24/7 customer service and support.
In July, we announced we had obtained IATA’s CEIV certification at our headquarters and cargo transfer facility in Atlanta.

New Airplanes Lifting Delta

     “The introduction of the A350 aircraft is significant as it is providing additional capacity to trans-Pacific markets where the aircraft will operate.
     “As example Detroit-Narita A350 services began on October 30 last year, and have now expanded to service from Detroit to Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and also Detroit to Amsterdam later this month.

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