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   Vol. 18 No. 35
Thursday May 16, 2019

Lightfoot & Airport Rain At Town Hall
Gordon Lightfoot

     I saw Gordon Lightfoot at Town Hall in New York yesterday with my son, Geoff, and spent a couple of hours singing along some songs written by this long-time kindred spirit from Canada.

Geoff and Geoff Arend II

     Gordon is on an “80th Anniversary Tour” celebrating achieving both that hallowed age, and still out there, singing his great ballads.
     Gord, most recently, ducked the The Watchman (a great ballad Gordon wrote in the 1960s), thumbing his nose at the grim reaper and staying alive after suffering a stroke that left him in a coma for six weeks.
     Gordon came through that ordeal, but had to rebound all the way from a frozen arm to other severe conditions affecting his voice.
     But there he was up on the Town Hall stage triumphant, filling that great room with his supple, rich music that has always landed on my ears as a classic cross, building upon and advancing Pete Seeger and Stephen Foster.
     Gord shared all the great ones including Sundown, Carefree Highway, Early Morning Rain, and some new music as well.
     Early Morning Rain is the quintessential 'early morning, cold, overhung, alone at an airport, looking at the airplanes through a wet rain soaked window during layover,' ballad.
     This night, Gord delivered a superb reading of this classic song that was also recorded by Elvis and others back in the day.
     As we all stood and cheered, Gordon wheeled about and raised both of his arms acknowledging his excellent back up band, and then he turned and smiled at the cheers saying softly to the full house of devoted fans:
     “I’ve sung that song 5,000 times and you never know when it will sound like that.”
     After the concert we split to PJ Clarke’s for a hamburger. Just at midnight, a soft early morning rain began to fall.
     Gordon Lightfoot, who has been out there in big venues and juke joints across North America for the better part of six decades, held us in the palm of his hand last night in New York City.
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