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   Vol. 18 No. 51
Monday August 5, 2019

Mother And Daughter Team Up
Carly and Karen Barry
     Meet Carly (right) and Karen Barry (left), who have a story to tell of pioneering in the ground transportation business in Southern Florida.
     Karen is a working Mom, who in 2007 was joined by daughter Carly, at her company, Ever-Green Express.
     Karen is no overnight sensation either.
     She has operated her company for the past 22 years, moving from serving as a school teacher and then into founding Ever-Green Express after learning a bit about trucking from her husband, who did ad hoc charters.
     “Operating this cartage company and keeping it a manageable size, (the key to our success) we feel is the best way to operate.”
     In other words, here are two women looking for long-term relationships.
     Today, Carly said she is out on the hustings, promoting and marketing Ever-Green with the message:
     “Let’s start something together,” sums up the approach nicely.
     What is apparent, is that this Mom and daughter duo really are into, both the trucking, and enjoying working together.
     While we were talking to these ladies, several people on the show floor at CNS (where we met them) were coming by, saying hello, smiling and high fiving the duo, who seem to be enjoying the ride of their lives.
     Karen and Carly are active in the AirForwarders Association, and also belong to Women In Trucking.
     Being a woman in the trucking business may still be a bit unusual for some, but being able to operate in a very competitive atmosphere, whilst raising two children as a single parent certainly tested Karen’s mettle.
     But in 2019, both mother and daughter and the son, who these days is building a career working for the Walt Disney Company, seem to be doing all right.
     “I have always been a very positive ‘can do—nothing is impossible’ person,” Karen confides.
     “When I was younger, I moved from being a cheerleader and loving it, to being named ‘Soybean Queen’, of Christian County, Illinois.
      “I’ve had some issues affecting my eyes, so my daughter, who is trained in finance, joined me to help take our small trucking company based in Tampa and Orlando to the next generation.
     “We currently operate five tractor trailers, one reefer and have ten drivers and about 20 people in all, with everyone focused on delivering value for money.
     “Ever-Green is ready when you are,” Karen smiled, “or did somebody say already say that,” she laughed.
     “Our advantage as a company, in addition to location near the main runway at Orlando, our bonded warehouse, screening facility and other pluses is that we make ourselves an integral part of your shipping equation, every step of the way, day and night.
     “Others talk quality—we are on it all the time and deliver, with no excuses.
     “When my phone rings, day or night for any reason, I answer the call,” said Karen.
     “Yeah, and if my Mom is indisposed, I pick up the call,” Carly chimes in.
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