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   Vol. 18 No. 63
Monday October 7, 2019
Halal Boys And Girls

   MAB Kargo’s Chief Executive Officer Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh celebrated Halal certification of the Malaysian Air Cargo services:
   “After more than two years working towards acquiring the halal certification, we received the MS2400-Certification from JAKIM for halal logistics service under warehousing activities.”
   The announcement came at a celebration event at Malaysia Airlines Academy (MAB Academy) in Kelana Jaya that was attended by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Mujahid bin Yusof representing the Malaysian Prime Minister. To commemorate the launch, MAB Kargo also signed an agreement with their first customers, Sejung Group of Korea, Nippon Express (Malaysia), Labuan Halal Hub and Serunai Commerce to acquire their services. Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh added:
   “The MABkargo halal logistics is tailored to the needs of the halal industry for reliable, safe and secure air cargo handling. “According to a report by the International Market Analysis Research & Consulting Group, the global halal food market value is projected to reach USD2.6 trillion by 2023.
   “We aim to be a prime provider of that market and have targeted a throughput halal export of RM50 billion by 2020.
   “We are now able to provide the logistics by maintaining the halal integrity of the shipment throughout the supply chain.
   “MAB Kargo also aims at creating a competitive advantage for the country as the main halal corridor that would enhance trade network linking halal business worldwide,” he added.
   MAB Kargo is also now listed on Verify Halal™ app developed by Serunai Commerce.
   Verify Halal™ is a mobile application launched to empower consumers and suppliers alike to instantly verify the Halal status of a product or premises certified by JAKIM or by a JAKIM-recognized foreign halal certification body.
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