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   Vol. 19 No. 67
Tuesday October 13, 2020
Back to Life

Geoffrey Arend II

     We heard on the radio that soon travelers could be tested for COVID-19 before boarding a flight and then after landing whilst travelling between New York City and London.
     The idea is to avoid that mandatory two-week confinement which might encourage short stay business and pleasure travel. Florida’s airports are doing rapid tests and the prospect of continued innovative thinking will certainly be better than the punch in the nose our industry has taken from the ongoing pandemic.
     The aviation industry is struggling but is also inventing and that is a good sign.
     In a very political year in the U.S. whilst some are continuing to call for total lockdown, others, most notably President Trump, are beating the drum trying to open things up.
     Meanwhile in Hollywood where fantasy rules, the lockdown reality is easing a bit as studios are again producing television series and movies.
     Hooray for that! Our son Geoffrey II is back at work on set these weeks, co-starring with Billie Bob Thornton in ‘Goliath’ for the fourth and final season of the Amazon series.
     “Everyone, even the actors, wear masks and face shields when not shooting,” Geoffrey reports.
     “Every rehearsal has us masked up until the cameras roll. And even then, people who are off camera are still in protective coverings.
     ‘During our courtroom scenes the entire jury were in face shields and surgical masks for a couple of takes.
     “This week I have a scene with Bruce Dern and am excited about that.”
     Geoffrey II plays a lawyer in ‘Goliath’ that will be aired later this year. Stay tuned.
     Getting back to regular life, whether in the air or on the ground, has and will not be easy.
     But thinking of all the terrible loss, including what we have been missing in 2020, these cautious moves back to life are welcome.
     Put on your mask.
     Watch the Randy Newman video.
     There’s more spirit to it.
I Love LA

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