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   Vol. 19 No. 70
Monday November 2, 2020
Autumn Serenade for 2020
EMO Global Meeting Cologne

   Although “September Song” is standard for this time of year for some people, another bit of music written during the same period (the 1940s) titled “Autumn Serenade” has always been a favorite because it simply feels like autumn in words and music:

         “Silver stars were clinging to an autumn sky.
         Love was ours until October wandered by.
         Let the years come and go,
         I'll still feel the glow that time cannot fade
         When I hear that lovely autumn serenade.”

Jo Frigger   “October has always been a special month for me, and exciting things often occurred during this time of the year,” Joachim Frigger, Chairman of EMO Trans writes.
   “An important event for me is that I was born in October; the other memorable thing is that EMO USA was founded 48 years ago in October 1972.
   “Paul Bayes, my wife Karin and I, partnering with EMO Germany, opened our small shop at JFK with little capital but a lot of enthusiasm and optimism.
   “We were confident that we would succeed but could not have envisioned the exponential global growth of EMO Trans over the years.”

Putting Customers First

   “Of course, all of this would not be possible without the support of our customers and the hard work and loyalty of our experienced, professional teams.
   “They embrace our philosophy of expertise in international transportation and logistics, excellent customer service, and a unified worldwide organization.”

Days of Futures Past & Ahead

   “A look at the past as we celebrated our years of service during October is important, as long as we also learn from our decisions made at that time, examining the right ones as well as those we might have done better.
   “However, it is far more important to look FORWARD to assess the present opportunities of the organization and the steps we will take to maintain the stable growth of the company.”

Unity is Strength

   “Promoting unity through good internal and external communication and cooperation with all, as well as a strong financial foundation, are the key,” Jo Frigger declared.

Business and Determination Remain Strong

   “Now, we are in the middle of a worldwide problem caused by the pandemic of Covid-19. However, people must always come first!
   “At this point, we have been extremely fortunate that no one on our entire global team has fallen seriously ill AND, although our volumes are reduced, our business continues to go on strong.
   “We are obviously very happy about both of these facts.”

Words to Live By

   “Our look into the future must be guided by intelligence, experience, and common sense. I have said this before:
   “The virus is neither political nor religious; its biological purpose is to spread, and we humans are the hosts.
   “We can reduce the risks. Wear a mask, avoid close physical contact with people outside your inner circle, and wash your hands regularly. All of this is fairly simple, and it protects your health, shows respect for others, and is not a drastic reduction of individual freedom. It may also avoid a visit to an intensive care unit.”

Remaining Thankful & Amazed in November

   Isolation is no easy measure and is difficult to implement with things like school openings.
   “There is a lot of responsibility on parents.
   “We offer the flexibility of either working from home or going to the office, and we are fortunate to have today’s technology.
   “Virtual platforms make it possible to stay in close social contact with each other and customers.
   “Amazingly, we have gained additional clients and business during this time.”
   “So, let’s continue with confidence and optimism.
   “We may have to endure this pandemic for quite some time, but ultimately, we are the smarter and stronger species and with that we will overcome the virus and win back our normal lives in time,” Frigger declared.
Autumn Serenade

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