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   Vol. 19 No. 68
Wednesday October 21, 2020
I Happen to Like New York
I happen to like New York

      “Took a train to Hackensack.
      But after giving Hackensack the once over,
      I took the next train back!
      I happen to like New York.”

  Once upon a time, up at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, there was a piano player/singer named Bobby Short.
  No other city had Bobby Short, who until he landed another gig in heaven a few years ago, sang and beat the hell out of his piano nightly into the wee small hours entertaining adoring crowds for a couple decades inside The Carlyle Café.
  Bobby was so good, he lived to see a street near the Carlyle named after him.
  Today the COVID lockdown and over the top politics have scared a lot of people away from New York City.
  But I think the exodus, (if we can call it that) is largely amongst the bindle stiffs that probably didn’t get it about this greatest of all cities in the world.

      “When the undertaker rings my funeral bell,
      Don’t want to go to heaven,
      Don’t want to go to hell,
      I happen to like New York!

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