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   Vol. 19 No. 70
Monday November 2, 2020
Simple Pleasure Returns

While looking for the upside as the global safety quarantine machine continues everywhere in one form or another, it occurs chocolate lovers who might order candy from time to time this fall have a window of opportunity to load up on sweets, and feel less guilty about it.
     Halloween in American neighborhoods, where the doorbell ringing is followed by cries of “Trick or Treat” this October 31, 2020 was surely impacted by the general nervousness about social contact that continues, (we had 3 trick or treaters).
     So chocolate lovers can just “order and probably secure a nice amount of chocolate to enjoy this Fall and Winter.”
     As it happens a great historic candy is back in production in Massachusetts, as Sky Bar that had been produced since 1938 by NECCO makes a grand return after a three-year absence.
     Here one of our very first Flying Talkers Podcasts from 2018 telling the Sky Bar story.
     Well the good news in 2020 is that the four-flavor Sky Bar is back and better than ever and being produced in Sudbury, Massachusetts.
     Just remember this treat from another time that celebrated the excitement and promise of air speed, brought a discipline for all time . . . it’s about slowing down and enjoying a unique and varied candy bar.
     If you eat up a Sky Bar too fast, the four distinct individual flavor fillings will get lost and run together.
     The idea is to walk, don’t run when consuming a Sky Bar.
     It’s 1940, Speed Gibson is on the radio, as the trusty vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter and caramel Sky Bar is at hand to transport your senses on a magic carpet ride.
     Here is how to order.

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