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   Vol. 18 No. 79
Wednesday December 18, 2019
They Shall Not Be Forgotten

Margraten CemeteryJan Krems and United and CEVA team
Left-to-right in the back row of the photo are Tim Brumley of CEVA Logistics and United team members Chris Busch, Sharon Hogg, Jan Krems, Richard Jones, Dave Merriman, Debra Merriman and Dave Pond. In the center foreground is Mr. Jan Krems, father of United Cargo’s President.

   For the second straight year, United Cargo teamed with nonprofit Wreaths Across America and CEVA Logistics to ship live, Maine-made balsam fir holiday wreaths to Europe. The wreaths traveled from United hubs in IAD, IAH and EWR to AMS for the December 1 event at the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten.

United loading wreaths

   Members of the United and CEVA teams, including United Cargo President Jan Krems, helped place the wreaths on the headstones of all 8,291 U.S. service members killed in action during World War II who are laid to rest in Margraten.
   Jan Krems picks up the story:
   “As someone born and raised in the Netherlands, I was proud to represent both the United family and the Dutch people at the ceremony.
   “My Dutch countrymen and women who adopt the grave sites of fallen U.S. soldiers, and those involved in ‘The Faces of Margraten’ program to collect photos that put a face to the names of our liberators, prove that the sacrifices made by those who came to rescue our country from oppression 75 years ago will never be forgotten.
   “But what made this year’s ceremony even more meaningful for me was the presence of my father. He’s in his late 80s, so he remembers what it was like when our country was invaded and then occupied in the first half of the 1940s.
   “Having lived through the tyranny and then experienced the liberation, he has even more profound admiration and gratitude for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
   “The men and women resting at Margraten made a decision 75 years ago: they decided that the cause of freedom was more important than their own lives, and they acted on that decision.
   “Speaking for my father and everyone at United Cargo, I can say the bravery of these fallen soldiers will live forever in our hearts and memories,” Jan Krems said.
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