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   Vol. 20 No. 27
Monday July 12, 2021
Brendan Sullivan Named IATA Global Head of Cargo
Brendan Sullivan

  Brendan Sullivan was named IATA Global Head of Cargo Monday July 12.
  That post has been vacant all of this crucial pandemic year, ever since Glyn Hughes took the package and flew off to new horizons atop TIACA, The International Air Cargo Association.
  Sullivan’s Linkedin page states that Brendan delivers “20 years of experience in air transport, primarily in air cargo in a variety of operational and leadership roles.
  “He is a positive and engaging leader with extensive network across the complete air cargo industry.”
  Linkedin also says:
  “He (Brendan) is a role model in providing valued expertise to the industry on cargo markets, e-commerce, operations, safety issues and a well-respected voice in the industry.”
  Stay tuned.

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