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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 20 No. 42
Tuesday October 26, 2021

Letters For Peter Hansen

Email graphicRE: Peter Hansen

      Such sad news. I remember Peter well – such a lovely man.
      He was one of the few who took me under his wing when he realized how new I was to New York, and especially how JFK worked.
      He even took me to some of his customers he thought could be mutually beneficial.
      Can’t see that happening now.

Philip J Bowell MBE

Thank you so much Geoffrey!

      I just read FlyingTypers and am truly thankful and delighted.
      What a great and lasting memory of my best friend – the late Peter Hansen.
      Very much appreciated.
      Warmest regards - and many thanks also to your wife, Sabiha.

Your friend,
Hardy Zantke

Hi Geoff,

     Peter Hansen was a guy you didn't forget.

Jim Larsen
Seaboard World Airlines, Manager of Air Cargo Business Development, Port Authority NY & NJ (Retired)

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