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   Vol. 20 No. 40
Wednesday October 13, 2021

Letters for October 13, 2021

Email graphicRE:  Jens Roemer Eyes The Port

Hi Geoffrey,

     Very nice article with Jens Roemer regarding the current
challenges in the shipping industry.
     I would like to make the point that a lot of the drama seems to be around shortages and mispositioning of shipping containers.
     I suggest there is a story here about how in both air and sea operations the humble cargo container, be it a 4 ton steel 40 ft sea container or a 55 Kilo Air Cargo LD3.
     ULDs have been taken for granted for years and years and years, leading to a considerable part of today's problems . . .

Bob Rogers
ULD Care
VP & Treasurer
Hong Kong

RE:   Too Cool McCool Is Ireland Cargo

Hi Geoffrey,

     Thanks for organising such a wonderful piece.
     I’ll bring it up to Dad on Wednesday night and send to him before hand. He’ll be chuffed.
     Missing you from Dublin and looking forward to a face to face some day soon.
     Stay well and god bless to you too.

Ian McCool
International Airline Marketing

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