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   Vol. 21 No. 15
Thursday April 7, 2022
Imma van der Walt Back To Work
Amy , lionel and Imma van der Walt     Feel Good Story For 2022 . . . Imma van der Walt who faced life threatening brain surgery has come all the way back and will resume her normal life.
     Imma, if you can believe this, at her follow up with the surgeon last week received clearance to start work again!
     This miraculous news is the latest chapter of a story that began with nearly nine hours in the operating theater of Duke University Medical Center February 21 with Imma’s fate hanging in the balance.
     "Living in doubt for those days we turned to prayer and asked everyone to join us," declared Imma’s Dad Lionel van der Walt.
     "We are deeply moved by the response from all over the world and shall carry these feelings with us from friends and colleagues and absolute strangers forever!
     "The faith, good wishes and emotional support that welled up from the people of air cargo was crucial in her recovery."
     We have followed the courageous story of the older daughter of the former President of Cargo Network Services (CNS) and most recently CEO of PayCargo Lionel van der Walt, and his wife Ilonka.
     Lionel picks it up from there.
     "We drove her from Raleigh to Cleveland last Friday and then Ilonka and I fly back home on Monday April 4 and Imma starts work again on Tuesday April 5.
     "She is very-very lucky and has been greatly blessed to experience such rapid convalescence! The team at Duke University Medical Center were just superb.
     "We have no doubt that all the support and prayers from around the world contributed to her miraculous recovery!
     "I guess when things change, we can celebrate even more good news, as our younger daughter Amy was accepted into NC State.
     “Amy is excited to start the next phase of her education journey soon,” Lionel said.
     “We are excited to celebrate our good fortune and get on with our lives with thanks, moving forward.”

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